There’s No Need to Break the Bank to Make Employees Happy

How much do you care about what’s happening inside your company? Do you care about employee performance? Business owners in general assume that they have to spend a lot of money to make their people gain an interest and work harder. Makeemployees happyWrong! You don’t have to rob a bank to increase work performance, and as long as you know how to make your team feel valued, things will turn out just fine. A smart manager works together with his team to increase productivity; as long as he makes use of common sense and provides good guidance, he has great chances of making his employees work for pleasure. Are you ready to devote yourself entirely to your people?

The work space – is it comfortable enough?

Are you offering your employees a proper environment to perform their work duties? How pleasant is their office space? Make everyone feel comfortable and allow them to decorate their desks as they see fit. Studies have shown that people are more competent when they’re surrounded by décor items that are close to their hearts such a flower pots, pictures, and so on. Encourage them develop innovative ideas, and don’t hesitate to inform them that if they don’t take chances they can’t attain greatness.

Criticism – as long as it’s constructive employees should welcome it

Are you a good listener? What makes your people unhappy? Find solutions critical issues that happen in the office and take into account ideas that can make a real change. Keep an open mind and take into consideration their opinions and suggestions. If you focus solely on what you know and you can’t accept any other recommendations, you will never manage to grow your business and keep your staff satisfied.

Criticism constructively

Incentives – great for boosting morale

You can keep your staff optimistic and confident by offering them incentives. For instance, saying “Good job!” or expressing appreciation for their hard work will make them more determined. They will be motivated to achieve greater results and this will benefit your company. You should have an employee of the month; it’s an extremely expressive incentive and it will inspire your staff to become better and increase performance. Casual Fridays are yet another terrific little incentive that will boost morale and make people happy. Your people will surely appreciate you’re not making them dress fancy on Fridays too.

Small details can make a huge difference

Surprisingly, not all employees crave for better paid salaries to work better, and money doesn’t always boost productivity. An Espresso machine on the other hand, will surely make your people happy. The investment doesn’t cost much and the end result will exceed your expectations. When people are fueled up with enough caffeine, they’ll be more energetic and willing to work to their fullest potential.

Workshops and training

Proper training and weekly workshops will keep your team interested. Are you ready to be an excellent teacher? Leaders and CEOs should devote at least one 1 hour every 3 days to talk to their teams. Every member should feel valued and appreciated. Talk about mistakes, share from your own experiences as a novice, and welcome their ideas. Good feedback should be used to boost work performance, and guess what? You don’t have to break a bank to motivate employees and encourage them to work harder.

Employee morale

Creating a sense of unity

Some people work more than 10 hours per day, so it’s extremely important for a manager to create that sense of unity. Make your team feel like part of a family and talk to all of them. For example, you can set up a lunch meeting at the end of a working schedule. Order some pizzas and chat about things that need improvements inside the company. Invite everyone to participate and you’ll be surprised to see how many people will want to participate.

Constructive feedback is a delicate matching act when interacting with people whose personalities vary so much from yours. Avoid negative reactions, bear in mind their feelings as well, and try to build a fruitful work relationship. Don’t assume that they don’t want to work just because they have low salaries. Not everyone is after the money, especially young business individuals who want to build a reputation and strive to advance in their careers.

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