Make Your Small Business a Big Business with IT

Information Technology (IT) isn’t just for the big contenders, it’s also a way for small businesses to appear big, while setting the stage for dynamic growth. IT services that can aid a small business can affect their accounting, their online presence, their inventory, and their delivery. A small business that leverages IT to their benefit creates a business model that does more with less and has the potential to go global.

Integrate IT Services to do Twice the Work

Once you invest in accounting or inventory-tracking software, you can integrate it into your business model to do more than one thing. Accounting software like QuickBooks can do payroll, track expenses, and even make filing your taxes easier at the end of the year. IT management can help you integrate your business activities so that they work in harmony.

Automation Projects an Image of a Large Company

Many small businesses don’t believe they need to hire an IT company because there are only one or two people in the entire company. However, by hiring specialists in IT, they can create a website that automates product delivery and new customer registration. They can create IT solutions that make their company seem much bigger than it actually is, due to the level of service they can offer online.

You Don’t Have to Hire Additional Staff

Another obstacle for small businesses is the idea that they need to hire IT staff to start IT projects to grow their business. Another misconception is that they will need to invest in a network or multiple IT platforms to reach a global audience. This is far from the truth. You can outsource your needs to an IT company that offers cloud applications for lease, like software-as-a-service (SaaS). They will provide the large global network for you to piggyback on, reducing the need for creating franchises or branches to help you expand to a global audience. The companies that specialize in cloud services will also have their own IT management staff to handle anything that happens 24×7.

Meet Customers Anywhere

Small businesses that don’t invest in adding IT into their business plan will suffer the loss of customers who can find other businesses easily online or on their smartphones. When you are competing for new customers, you don’t want to be the person who is still advertising through the Yellow Pages only. You want to have an outreach that meets people where you will get noticed through a vibrant online presence that can reach people anywhere, even on a smartphone. Next time they’re searching for a new restaurant to try, they will pull it out and do a search. If you’re not online or you have avoided setting up a mobile-friendly site, you will lose an opportunity to grab new business in the easiest way possible – just by showing up. Consumers are turning to digital sources for reviews, recommendations, coupons, and information. If you are not there with them, giving them the best information services possible before, during, and after a sale, you stand to lose them to your competitors.

About Sandra Smith

Sandra is a businesswoman, marketing expert, and all round IT-whiz, working in Melbourne. When she was starting up her own business in Melbourne, she enlisted the help of Emerging IT as a provider of managed IT services within the Melbourne area.