Content Marketing to Benefit Your Small Business

Small business content marketing

When it comes to marketing campaigns for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) there are a number of options. Companies can employ traditional marketing techniques like adverts or they can choose content marketing. A study has shown that content marketing actually costs 62% less than traditional marketing, so is this the way to go for SMEs?

Old School Small Business Marketing Techniques

An infographic from Demand Metric has shown the impact of implementing content marketing into your strategy, rather than just sticking to traditional methods. That’s not to say that there isn’t any benefit in employing these techniques however. Advertisements can be placed in various publications from local newspapers to national magazines. SMEs can also advertise on the radio and even the television, all having the potential to be very costly. These companies will receive varying levels of coverage, depending on where they choose to advertise. There is also the fact that traditional marketing is often a very blatant advert which can potentially put some customers off, rather than luring them in.

Modern Small Business Marketing

Content marketing is clearly becoming a hugely popular choice for large and small businesses. It’s estimated that 90 per cent of organisations use content for their marketing, showing just how powerful this technique is. People are more inclined to buy into something if it isn’t being metaphorically rammed down their throat. The subtlety of content marketing is what makes it so popular.

There is more to the technique than just simply writing content for websites. If it is teamed up with other campaigns, they can all work together to move towards increased brand awareness. Once the business establishes itself as a relatively well-known brand, the value of the content may actually increase. People will know the company and be more inclined to read more about them or about the topics they’re posting about.

Don’t Screw it Up

There is the risk of getting content marketing wrong, having an adverse effect on the success of the business. There’s little point in shoehorning keywords into content because it devalues the content. For small and medium businesses, content marketing may be considerably cheaper than traditional marketing methods. It’s possible to employ an agency to take care of all the marketing needs for the business. This can include everything from content to social media. These agencies often have a lot of experience, meaning they can probably do a better job than a newly-qualified in-house team. However, an agency comes with a price.

The amount of revenue that companies can make through good content marketing often outweighs the amount they make through the more traditional methods. Obviously, this is dependent on a number of factors including the amount of content being written and whether the business is also working on SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay per click), and social media strategies as part of a bigger campaign. The more avenues that are overlapping together, the better the chance of success through content marketing methods.

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