Mastering Online and Offline Negotiation Tactics

Negotiation in the workplace

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There are many parallels between online and offline negotiations, but there are also some major differences. Some negotiations begin online and work their way offline; others stick to just one environment. In any case, it`s very important to have a grasp on both online and offline negotiation tactics and how to use them effectively. Knowing the basics of negotiation can help you in many areas of life, even if it isn’t related to your job directly. For example, when you want to get a raise at work, using negotiation tactics can help you to get what you want if your boss is a bit hesitant at first. If negotiation is a direct part of your job or your small business, then the sky is the limit in terms of how much you can benefit from improving your negotiation skills, both online and offline.

Here are four foolproof tips to improve your negotiation skills and to get what you want!

  • Remember, it`s about compromise…
  • But someone always has the upper hand.
  • Determine who that is…
  • And finally, don`t burn any bridges.

Part 1 – Compromise

In a good negotiation, both parties are going to have to make certain sacrifices. If both parties could get exactly what they want without having to give anything up, there probably wouldn`t be a need for negotiation in the first place. If you can manage to make the other party think they`re getting exactly what they want without having to give anything up, while still getting what you want – it will be an incredibly easy negotiation. It`s usually not that simple, and compromise is the name of the game. Don`t be afraid to stick to your guns, but that really only works if you`re in control.

Parts 2 and 3 – Who’s in control?

In most negotiations, there`s often a line in the sand where one party wants something, whereas the other needs it. If you want to make a deal, but the person you`re negotiating with needs to make a deal, you have got the upper hand and you won`t have to be as flexible as they will. The point isn`t to take advantage of someone else`s desperation, but rather to simply figure out where you stand and use it to your advantage. On the other hand, if you need something that they have, you`ll have less leeway to stick to your guns, so to speak.

Part 4 – Stay Civil!

It`s childish to act out when you don`t get exactly what you want. If the negotiation falls through, just relax. Even if you have to call it a day on the negotiations, it`s a very bad idea to lash out or to take out your frustrations. You never know when you`ll get that phone call a day or a week later, but if you yell and get frustrated, you are pretty much sealing your fate.

Thoughts On Online And Offline Negotiations – Similar Yet Different

They`re really quite similar. If you are negotiating online and doing a video chat, it really isn`t much different than negotiating offline. The major difference between online and offline comes into play when you can`t see the face of the person you are negotiating with because it becomes harder to pick up on subtle cues. A voice chat or negotiating over the phone falls somewhere in the middle, since both of you are still on the spot and must respond immediately, and will be able to pick up on tones in one another`s voices. The lowest rung on the ladder is when you`re negotiating online, and using only text. Then it really becomes about the power behind your words, since you have nothing else to fall back on.

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