10 Social Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

small business mistakesNo matter how skilled you are or what you’re doing in life, you’re going to make some mistakes. That’s just how it goes. Hopefully, you will learn from these mistakes and avoid making them in the future.

When developing a social media marketing strategy, you can be sure that you’ll make some mistakes from time to time. The best way to work to avoid these mistakes before they happen is to learn about the mistakes beforehand. Business branding through social media can be a very cost-efficient strategy, especially for small businesses, and there’s a lot you can do yourself without any help from a large media agency.

As you’ve learned here on Thought Reach, small-business owners with only rudimentary computer skills can set up a professional WordPress website. Let’s look at the next step. How you spread the word about your website, your business, or rather what you should avoid doing.

1 – Not Educating Your Customer Base

An uneducated base means fewer ultimate conversions. You can add people to your contact list and get fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter until your face is numb. Unless you’re engaging with your base and taking the time to inform people about your business – what you do and why you’re good at it – you’re not going to convert leads. You’ll eventually lose fans altogether.

2 – Not Making Connections with your Customers

Social marketing gives you a great opportunity to meet, mix and mingle with other professionals online. A failure to make connections might just put you behind the curve as the Internet evolves and as businesses change their marketing approach.

3 – Not Posting Enough

Social sites need to be fed in order to grow. You can’t simply set up sites and hope that an occasional post will draw people back. With a site like Facebook, you must give the audience a reason to follow what you do. That takes frequent updates with interesting content.

4 – Not Spreading the Message

The Internet has no set size; it has no limits whatsoever in terms of space and reach. So if you’re only sticking with Facebook, you’re missing out. You should be spreading your message via other social networking sites and tying everything in together. Also make sure that you target customers feedback on all these sites and change your approach based on the message you’re receiving from them.

5 – Not Getting Attention

Be bold with your headlines and posts. You’re competing here with a lot of other businesses, so you have to reach out and grab the attention. You still have to be honest and true to your brand, but you can’t just creep around like a mouse and expect a campaign to take off.

6 – Not Focusing on Subscribers

Subscribers to your social pages can ultimately be pushed into a conversion funnel, and this can ultimately lead to customers. Focus on building up a thorough list of subscribers. After that, you can begin narrowing your focus down and contacting those more likely to become converts.

7 – Not Taking Advantage of Advertising

Just because it’s free to make a profile on a site like Facebook doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of real advertising. With third-party apps and in-house ad-management tools, you can gain a lot of business via advertising on social networks.

8 – Not Playing with Images

Pictures are truly worth a thousand words online. Just look at the success things like infographics have. You should be saying a lot with imagery. Don’t neglect text completely, just make sure you’re speaking with images whenever possible.

9 – Not Tracking Results

Once you put different marketing measures in place, you have to stay on top of how your system is running by checking the various analytics available to you. Seeing these results in real time allows you to change your approach or to hone in on something that’s working rather well.

10 – Not Supporting the Community

Your community needs support from you. If someone asks you a question, make sure you answer it. If there’s any issue with your brand, make sure you resolve it. Be a team player by setting up a community atmosphere and participating in it.

As you can tell from the mistakes listed above, every one of these—and many, many more—can be easily avoided. The important thing is that you know what the mistakes are so that you can avoid making them.

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