Mobile Connectivity: Boosting Small Business Competitiveness

Small business mobilityStudies have shown that some small businesses actually get a competitive boost from the BYOD (bring your own device) movement, which helps their employees get their jobs done more efficiently through various smartphone features, mobile apps, and just as important, a reliable mobile connection.

Some of the industries to which mobile usage and connectivity serves as a helpful boost to business operations include:

Shipping and delivery

It is almost self-explanatory as to why and how important mobile business practices are to the shipping and delivery industry. With the goal of getting shipments transported from one location to another, this industry is certainly one in which having a personal phone or gadget handy is absolutely critical. Communication between one delivery officer to the next station in order to relay information, as well as to stay within production and delivery schedules, is a must.

Food and catering

Food and catering delivery systems can be more customer-friendly if their personnel are equipped with a mobile device to contact a customer with if setbacks such as the following occur:

  • the guard of the subdivision where the customer is residing won’t give them permission to enter the gates

  • they have trouble locating the customer’s house number

  • nobody is answering the door

  • and other such seemingly mundane issues but that are critical to getting the delivery process done

Construction and technical repairs

Having a mobile phone is also important for this industry, whether it be for sending a technician or an operative over to the field to check up on and resolve a customer’s issues, whether it is for repair, an upgrade or installation, or whether it is for an operative to perform a perfunctory check-up on a certain site.

Workers or superiors that need to stay in the office or attend a meeting can communicate and give orders to field personnel without having to travel themselves, or having the personnel go back and forth from the office to the site. This saves up on travel time and cost, and allows for faster resolution of issues.

The necessity of a reliable connection to your mobile device

In all these situations, a mobile phone or smart device (provided that it has access to reliable mobile signal), can be considered not only as a competitive advantage; it can actually be deemed as necessary.

But what makes these mobile practices even more effective is the fact that having a consistently clear mobile signal is an absolute imperative. For what use is a mobile phone if you can’t use it to communicate with?


Having consistently reliable signal is a common need for all the above-mentioned industries, including several others that make use of mobile business practices. Syncing delivery time to tracking schedule, being reachable and being able to reach a customer’s number in case of delivery delays, and being accessible to one’s bosses or employees when on site or in remote locations cannot be achieved if signal is weak and dies on you when you most need it.

For situations such as these, investing in technologies such as mobile repeaters to boost cellphone signal is definitely worth looking into.

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