My Product Will Sell Itself, Right?

“My product is so good that my biggest worry is keeping up with demand.” Sound familiar?

Many online entrepreneurs, believing they have an amazing product or service, set up an eCommerce website and then don’t do any marketing. Many people feel that their product or service will market itself. No matter how good the product, I’ve never seen one get up and sell itself. My Product Will Sell Itself, Right?The simple truth is that with the sheer amount of competition in the world, an online store must do some form of promotion to get noticed. In addition, if you know anything about online search; then you’re probably aware that search engine rankings are of great importance when it comes to having consumers find a store, and not so easy to attain. For this reason, an online entrepreneur must understand search engine optimization and inbound marketing to bring products and services to the public’s attention. How do you go about marketing your eCommerce website to increase brand exposure and profits? Thankfully, there are a number of ways to get your site noticed and your products selling.

Sometimes it’s the simple things like improving your page load speed that can really make a difference. Online consumers can’t pick up and feel your product, so showing it to them in as much detail as possible is essential. Unfortunately, images can slow down how quickly a page loads and this is a concern as the average consumer only has an attention span of eight seconds; which is slightly better than my two year old. If your site doesn’t load quickly, they will go elsewhere. I can’t tell you how many stores I’ve seen using full size hi-res photos. For the love of Pete, resize your pictures and ensure you are using optimized formats to have the page loading quickly. Look at your web host also as some offer faster page load times than others. Improving in this area can significantly improve your conversion rate.

Increase your click-through rate by making use of sites such as Schema. Many who are new to online entrepreneurship focus on site visitor rate. What they should be looking at is the click-through rate; which is a combination of the site visitor rate and the search impression number. Schema provides a variety of tools to enhance search engine impressions, making it easier for consumers to sort through the rankings and find the retailer they would like to visit.

Make full use of podcasts, blogs, ebooks and videos to bring in new traffic. While these task may seem daunting, it may be exactly what consumers are looking for when they come to your site. Make sure you recycle content every so often this will help when managing your time as well as increase your mailing list and draw in new people.

As you create page titles, make sure you are putting the keywords you are trying to rank for at the beginning of the title. Humans and search engines read from the left side of the page to the right so make sure the important words are on the left and make sure these titles are unique in order to draw more attention to them.

Make sure your website is truly user friendly. Keep in mind more people are turning to their smart phone to find a retailer and make a purchase. Responsive design continues to increase in importance and yet many retailers are lagging in this area. You can quickly move ahead of a number of your competitors by ensuring your site can be properly viewed on a variety of screen sizes without issue.

Make sure you have fresh, unique content at all times and market that content. Good content will not only increase your social media presence, it will also boost back links and referral traffic. Your content must be entertaining, engaging and interesting at all times. Quality is key here so you may wish to outsource some of this work to ensure you meet these guidelines. Don’t do a blog post every day just to say you have new content. Once a week postings are better if they are of higher quality.

Your target audience may include a number of groups and finding a way to capture the attention of many different groups on a home page can be difficult. An easy way to do this is to create what I call quick nav links. These can be buttons, or even better, graphics that can quickly convey a message and direct a visitor to a landing page that meets their needs exactly.

Work on improving your Google authorship ranking as this will organically boost your search engine ranking. Although other sites may outrank you, the enhanced search engine ranking that comes with a good Google authorship ranking will bring in more traffic. This is an easy way to bring more visitors to your site.

When marketing an ecommerce website, you need to focus on a number of areas. The tips above will help get you on the right track. With the use of these techniques, you will see that you draw in more traffic, increase conversions on your ecommerce website and increase your brand awareness. The sooner you get started, the sooner the results will be seen; so start making changes today. Small changes add up over time and can have your site growing in ways you never imagined.

About Chris London

Chris London is an owner and the Marketing Director for Pixel Productions Inc., providing expert guidance for start up businesses as a member of the SVTG accelerator group's board of mentors and as a leading eCommerce development partner for BigCommerce.