Are you on the Naughty List of Social Media?


It’s that wonderful time of year again,  the tree is up in the office, the secret santa presents are under the tree and the festive celebrations are just about every night of the week! But now is not the time to neglect social media or start experimenting with more outrageous posts. Make sure you stay on Santa’s nice list this year and avoid the inevitable coal in your stocking by following our dos and don’ts of festive social media.

Are you on the Naughty List of Social Media?

The Naughty List

Please Don’t…

– POST INAPPROPRIATE MATERIAL. It may be tempting to start a live feed from your office Christmas party but remember that this is the time that people let their hair down and may be inclined to have one too many sherries, not really the image that you want to send out of the managing director! Make sure you have the permission to post visual material and curate images the next day just to be safe.

– GO OFF BRAND. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of festivities but maintaining your corporate image should still be paramount. Use Christmas as a tool to convey a more fun approach without diluting the message you have spent all year building up.

– FORGET THAT NOT EVERYONE CELEBRATES CHRISTMAS. Unless you are a religious organisation promoting any religious content may be offputting to a sector of your audience. Try and include more neutral language to avoid excluding anyone from your Christmas activities.

The Nice List

Please Do…

– BE CREATIVE. Christmas is a great time to introduce some more interesting social media strategies into the mix.If you haven’t already, sign up to  Instagram, Vine and Pinterest and get your social community involved by introducing visual competitions. Photo competitions are easy, fun and are great ways to drive more traffic to your website or blog.

– AUTOMATE YOUR POSTS. Yes you do deserve a break over the festive period but that does not mean you have to go quiet on the social media front. Try using an automation tool such as hootsuite to schedule your twitter and facebook posts over the holidays, so you can sit back and eat mince pies.

– SAY THANK YOU. Christmas is the perfect time to let everyone know how much you have appreciated their support and custom over the past year, and how much you look forward to working with them in the future. Post a message or even an e-card from the team just to let everyone know that you care.

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