Negotiation Tips for Women in Business

Successful business womanThey say that women aren’t very good at negotiating because they aren’t as aggressive as men. But that’s not always the case, and it definitely depends on the circumstances, as well as on the personality of a certain woman. The following negotiation tips and tricks might really help women become better business negotiators.

Don’t let emotions influence you

When you are about to start a negotiation, put your fears aside and try to feel as confident as possible. You need to make a smart decision for your company or for yourself, so you can’t let your fury and troubles affect your judgment.

Keep your nerves under control

Every time you face a situation that is making you feel stressed, you can opt for several simple tricks in order to relax. Try to breathe calmly, and keep your feet on the floor, your back straight, as well as your knees jointly. Take deep breathes, four in and five out, and you will see that you will start feeling better immediately. Plus, this will allow you to control your feelings.

Don’t pay attention to the weeping voice you keep hearing in your ear

Everyone is familiar with that internal critic that makes us doubt ourselves and think that we can’t handle the situation. Don’t pay attention to it. All that it wants is to sabotage you, so you can’t let it influence you while you are carrying on your business negotiation meeting. Of course, you might say that you aware of this aspect, but you just can’t ignore it. If you truly want to pay no attention to it, you will manage to do it. Determination is the key word in this situation.

A rejection shouldn’t affect you

You can’t let a “no” destroy you, because that “no” is available only for a certain demand, not for everything you are fighting for. There is no problem if a person doesn’t accept your offer. You can make another business offer, or you can find another person to negotiate with.

Behave like a grown-up

When you are involved in a negotiation and you can’t seem to obtain what you want, you get that feeling that you usually had when you were a child and your parents didn’t allow you to eat an extra piece of cake. This generally occurs without your intention, but the problem is that it can make you behave violently. What you have to do is to keep in mind that you are a grown-up, and that you are negotiating with another grown-up, so you can’t act like a child.

Always be firm

When you state your demands, you have to do it in a firm but also nice way. Bear in mind that you should always look the person you are talking to in the eye. This will prove to him that you feel confident and you know exactly what you are standing for. Also, pay attention to your body language, as well as to the words you use when expressing your ideas. Make sure you maintain the conversation at a formal level.

You have to be self-confident, but you shouldn’t exaggerate

Women tend to be less assertive when negotiating over something, but this doesn’t mean that they will let others ignore their demands. If this is your case too, you should take your time prior to the negotiation and establish the phrases and terms that you will utilize. Organize your ideas meticulously. Once the negotiation starts, try to maintain a neutral tone of voice.

Don’t let others underestimate you

When you have to negotiate over your salary, either as a worker, or as a person that provides certain services to a company, you need to accept only a payment that is appropriate for the effort you make. Don’t feel ashamed to ask for more if you see that your potential employer doesn’t offer you enough money. What is more, if you think that you should walk away, then don’t hesitate and walk away. If a certain business truly wants your services, they will do their best to keep you. But if your work is not valued, you should definitely search for another employer or customer who will appreciate you.


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