What Is The New Myspace And Where The Heck Did It Come From?

If you haven’t been keeping up with the social media chatter lately, then we’re here to fill you in on a little something called Myspace—the new Myspace. Yep, that’s right, Myspace has done something that none of us ever expected. It has made a comeback and, in all honesty, we’re quite impressed.


But before we get into all the details about the new site, here’s a little bit of background information.

Back in 2008, Myspace was at its peak. It was the most popular and most visited website in the entire world, and it had even surpassed Google in web traffic, which as we all know, is an incredible feat. The site had over 75 million monthly unique visitors, which included individual accounts, band pages, and even profiles for big name online brands like Instant Checkmate.

In short, Myspace was the go-to site for social interaction, and no one thought that would change. Oh but things did change, and Myspace slowly began to decline as users left the site in favor of a shiny new toy called Facebook. Facebook has ruled the social media world for several years now, but the new Myspace might just give it a run for its money.

The New Myspace

The new Myspace is the result of a joint venture between A-list star, Justin Timberlake, and Specific Media Company. In 2011, Myspace had hit rock bottom, and the site was at a point where it either needed a funeral or a makeover. The new owners went with the latter, and the new Myspace is nothing short of a makeover miracle.

Timberlake began promoting the new site before it went live, which was very smart from a marketing perspective because millions of people follow the beloved singer. He didn’t want to just throw the new Myspace in everyone’s face, especially since social media users were so attached to Facebook. He slowly and effectively got people excited about the return of Myspace; a site that undeniably held a special place in all of our nostalgic little hearts.

Social Entertainment

The new Myspace has been rebranded as a social entertainment platform with a heavy focus on all things related to music, art, culture, and lifestyle, which essentially covers all aspects of life. A lot of people speculate that the new site is only ideal for musicians, but that’s not really the case. It may look that way at first, but once you play around with the site and navigate through all the new features, it becomes clear that the new Myspace is ideal for anyone, small business owners included,

who wants a piece of this new social network.

Several words come to mind when we think of the new Myspace, but the most telling is “refreshing.” By refreshing, we mean that it actually is new, and it’s unlike any other social network. First off, the new user interface is clean and visually appealing, which users will experience right off the bat. The site also uses a horizontal scroll, which is a little disorienting at first, but awesome nonetheless. You can easily connect with your friends and your favorite musicians, bands, and companies without having to wait on the acceptance of a friend request.

The new Myspace is slowly gaining momentum, so it’s not too far-fetched to think that the site could regain its glory within the world of social media. Many of us thought Myspace was a thing of the past, and it was for a few years, but perhaps Facebook has been king for too long. The new Myspace is the definition of innovation, and the site brings something completely new and fresh to the table which, let’s face it, is exactly what social media needs.

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