Office Refurbishment and Design to Motivate your Employees

Office design plays a critical role in determining the success of a business. A well designed office helps employees to work at ease and give their best to their organisation. If you are planning to refurbish your office, here are some office refurbishment and design ideas that you can keep in mind to motivate your employees and to enhance their productivity.

Start with the layout of your office. The layout should be functional so that your staff can do the work that they are supposed to do without feeling any sort of discomfort or hindrance. Decide where you should place the office tables and chairs. Where should you have the reception area and where the sales team would have client interactions?

You can have one or two separate closed rooms for the sales people where they can make telephone calls to their clients or may have internal team discussions. This would ensure that other employees of the company do not get disturbed. Similarly those who are conducting meetings and negotiations with clients would also not get disturbed. They would get privacy and distraction-free environment to carry their negotiations and discussions with the clients. You can make use of glass office partitions to create privacy in your office.

When working on the office design, factor in the office furniture as it can do a lot in improving the overall productivity of your staff. Buy office tables and chairs that are comfortable to sit and work at. Your employees spend almost 8 hours in office. Poor design office furniture can cause back pain, pain in neck, shoulders, and other health issues. To keep them fit and fine, invest in ergonomically designed office furniture as it promises the maximum comfort and convenience to the users.

Do not clutter your office with too many furniture pieces as it can make your office look congested and can affect the overall productivity of your workers. Buy only that which is required so that people can work and move around freely.

To boost the morale and productivity of your staff, choose the right shade and colour for your walls. Do away with dull and boring colours and add some life to your office walls and environment by painting the walls in aqua, mint or lemon colours. You can also put some modern art or photographs of your staff or framed certificates and awards that your company may have won to inspire your employees. It also helps create an air of professionalism in office.

Lighting also forms an integral part of office design. Do not buy glaring and bright lights as they can cause eyestrains and headaches and can make your employees feel exhausted. You should go for soft and calm white lights to have a positive effect on your staff.

It would be great to take ideas from your employees when you are planning office refurbishment and design London. You can also hire office design expert for giving you office design ideas that would boost the morale and productivity of your staff.

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