Outside the Box: How to Design a Work Space without Cubicles

If you want to encourage forward thinking, team spirit and a good working environment in your small business office, then sometimes you have to think outside of the box.Outside the Box: How to Design a Work Space without Cubicles

Partitioning up workers using cubicles might work for some, but current thinking and trends suggest that this is an office design model that is now set in the past.

Creating a great workplace

Your ultimate aim is to create a workspace and environment that works from a practical point of view and one that encourages interaction, motivation and a positive atmosphere amongst other goals.

Large and small companies alike might work to different budgets but they often share the same interests and requirements when it comes to creating a work place that works. Great Place to Work is an organisation that lists the best workplaces in the UK and throughout the world, hoping that the vision and forward thinking already shown by some organisations, will encourage others to follow their lead.

Make cubicles a thing of the past

A well-designed office space will increase productivity and creativity and break-out spaces are the new way of catering for the requirements of a modern office environment. Many design experts consider that the future of the modern office will be anything but desk bound, with the focus on flexibility, mobility and a layout that encourages a team-driven ethos, which should in turn lead to greater productivity amongst other positive attributes.

Shared vision

Your office space is a reflection of your company and a well-designed modern office space will attract staff to come and work there and also create the right impression when clients come to visit.

Having a successful company is not just about having a great service or product, it is also about how your staff convey a level of high service and professionalism to new and existing clients and employees who work in a pleasant and modern office space are far more likely to enjoy their work, which of course comes across when they communicate with others.

One size fits all

As with many aspects of design, there is no one size fits all solution to designing the perfect office space. Each company will need to take account of their individual requirements and what they need in their space to be able to function efficiently whilst at the same time, trying to achieve spaces that encourage come levels of socialising and freedom for employees to chill-out briefly before returning to their work.

Modern office designs try to take into account the different personality traits of the people that use them. Some talented people can sometimes be introverted and need to find a quite area in which to work best in while others are far more social and feed off their interaction with others. With a cubicle design everyone is treated the same and that outlook is hardly likely to get the best out of everyone as it neither satisfies one requirement or the other.

Now is the time to consider doing away with the old-fashioned cubicle approach to office design and set about creating a workspace that encourages a positive work ethic and helps your business to grow.

About Kathryn Jackson

Kathryn Jackson is an office design consultant of many years. An avid blogger, she enjoys sharing her insights with others by posting online. She recommends Rapid Office Systems for transforming your office space into a modern working environment and make cubicles a thing of the past.