A Positive Work Environment Can Help Your Bottom Line

The warmth of summer vacation is quickly drawing to a close for those involved in the academic world. As the new school year speeds towards us, now is the time to start putting in place the pieces for a successful year. By creating a positive work environment at your small business, you are helping to set the stage for your employees’ future successes. Here are some tips to help you in your quest to create the best work environment for your employees.
Positive work environment

The Physical

The first step in creating a positive work environment for all to enjoy may be to make some physical changes to the work area. For instance, if the area feels a bit dull because the paint is dark or peeling, brighten it up. Adding a fresh coat of paint to a location can go a long way in setting a positive tone. If you need more than one area painted, you may even want to consider contacting a community organization to come help you.

Let natural light in where possible. Not only will this give you an opportunity to shut off some power and save a few dollars, but it may also make the area feel a little more receptive.

Hold a quick staff meeting with all of your employees to gain their input on any physical changes you are planning. This will allow them to voice ideas and opinions and may help them feel more included in the process.

Hands On

As someone in a management position, you likely have many responsibilities to tend to during your work day. However, do not forget your most important responsibility, your staff. If you can, have an open door policy. Make sure to offer employee evaluations positively as your workers will likely be receptive to them.

Opportunities for Enrichment

Many industries have enrichment programs aimed at improving a worker’s skill set. There are other types of training you may want to consider personally undertaking or offering to your staff. For instance, emotional intelligence training courses which are designed to allow for a greater understanding of human emotion and is a great course for management and employees alike.

Have Fun!

As the saying goes all work and no play can lead to a dull day.  Yes, the primary objective of a place of business is to finish all tasks in a timely manner. However, this does not mean you cannot have fun. Giving yourself and your employees an opportunity to relax may also lead to feeling rejuvenated once the focus needs to return to work.

You can choose to hold in office events such as bring your pet to work day (Note: if you rent your property make sure to check with your landlord for restrictions).  You can also choose to hold out of office events such as getting together at a local sports arena for a company night at the game or possibly a company golf outing.

Creating a positive workplace environment will take time and input from everyone involved. The change may be slow at first, but once it catches on your employees will likely be thrilled to come to work. Remember happy employees are productive ones!

About Sarah McKnight

Sarah McKnight is a human relations specialist with over 25 years of industry experience. During her free time, Sarah enjoys blogging about topics such as improving the work place environment and employee motivation.