Posture in the Workplace

Just about everyone sits down in their workplace; whether sitting at a desk or in a car. Unfortunately most people aren’t sitting properly and causes stress and pain. Exercise ball for the officeBy improving your posture in the workplace you can improve your work day and keep your body happy. Sitting properly is about your workplace as well as how you actually sit. You may need to rearrange your desk or adjust your seat to get the right level of comfort. Improving your workplace posture could very well allow you to enjoy more things because you’re in less pain. Keep reading for advice from the business experts BWA.

Sit on a Ball

There’s nothing wrong with having a comfy office chair, but you may want to consider getting an exercise ball and using it as something of a second seat. Try alternating between sitting in your chair and sitting on a ball as you go about your day. Some offices even provide balls for this purpose. Sitting on an exercise ball engages more muscles than a chair and makes it difficult to slouch. It also builds muscle, preventing atrophy. It’s not as comfortable as your executive chair, but you’ll quickly get used to it and there’s no need to commit to it entirely. You can alternate.

Make Use of Technology

There’s some technology you can use such as a Lumo Lift. This is a device that attaches to your shirt and gently vibrates if you start slouching to remind you to sit properly. It can even sync up with your phone to track your posture and some other health related information like steps walked. It’s a pretty effective device for reminding you to correct your posture and it’s not the only technological solution out there.

Stand Up

Even if you’re working on a project you need to sit down a lot for, you should still stand up frequently. There are a lot of benefits to working while standing, but even if you work while sat down you should stand up every half an hour or so to reset your posture. Feel free to put a reminder into your phone if you don’t trust yourself to get up every so often.


Stretching can do a lot for your posture. Some stretches are made for being in the gym, but there are several you can do while sat at your desk or standing during a break. Chin tucks can release the stuff muscles to the back of your neck that cause bad posture. Just stretch the back of your neck by moving your chin down towards your neck. There are plenty of stretches you can do to improve your posture, so find stretches that match your needs.

Ask for Help

There’s no harm in asking your co-workers or other people around you to let you know if you’re slouching. Some people are a little uncomfortable to ask something like this, but a few moments of being uncomfortable is better than finding yourself injured.


There are a number of ways you can improve your workplace posture. Consider switching your seat for an exercise ball, technological solutions, and standing and stretching every so often.


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