4 Reasons Print Marketing is not Dead

In the digital age of social media, you may think print marketing is dead. In fact, working moms who are trying to run their own small businesses often ask about the best ways to market themselves. Truthfully, print marketing is still a great way to reach out to customers, inform them of your service and provide a strong visual. Whether you are a small dental office looking to showcase your services, a consulting firm, a work at home mompreneur, or even a restaurant, marketing brochures are worth a little investment. Tried and true; here are four reasons why print marketing is not dead.mompreneurs

  1. People are visual creatures
    We love visuals! We eat with our eyes and buy with our eyes. Window shopping leads to purchases. Look at the success of television ads over radio ads. Having a great brochure for customers and clients to look at will draw them in and want to pass it on. Think of marketing brochures as a tiny traveling salesperson. Every time someone looks at the “salesperson” is in action.
  2. Millennials Aren’t Your Only Target Audience
    Though millennials are one target audience, they are not the only audience that is spending money. Social media and digital advertising are great methods to use and will definitely speak to your younger consumer base. But the Gen X, Y and Baby Boomers are the ones who are regularly spending money and who exhibit more brand loyalty. They are exhibit more brand loyalty whereas millennials are prone to shifting brands as new trends emerge. A well-crafted marketing brochure gives you a great channel to show off your brand and speak to a generation of folks who like to read more than 140 characters at a time.
  3. People like a reference
    By a reference I mean something they can keep going back to if they have questions. With a brochure, they’ll have easy access to all your information including how to contact you if they have questions.
  4. Mail is making a comeback
    Older generations do not want to see the death of mail! Targeted direct mail campaigns do work. The key is making it visually appealing and useful. Attaching a coupon or detachable calendar – something that would make the customer want to keep it!

These may seem like simple concepts but often the simplest theories are the best. No one marketing tool will be able to market your business. It’s about learning how to use all the tools available to you to their best purpose. By tailoring marketing brochures to speak to your specific audience and making sure they reflect the way your brand is portrayed in other platforms, you’ll find success in getting your message across.

About Nancy Arnold

Nancy Arnold is a Seattle area small business and marketing blogger. She also writes about the joys and trials of working motherhood. You can follow her on Twitter @BizBuzzNancy