Will Your Product Launch Generate the Buzz Required?

You’ve already seen your online feeds filled with mentions of the new Rockstar Games title, Grand Theft Auto V released earlier this month. Now, I’m not a big gamer sort of guy. I play games when I have a few hours to spare on a Saturday afternoon, yet somehow, the excitement surrounding the brand new game (especially the new online mode) has had me sharing it with over a dozen of my friends the past month! How many products in the past month have you shared online or physically with other people? Will Your Product Launch Generate the Buzz Required?Chances are, not many and if you do share something with twelve people, let alone one person, it has to be a thing definitely worth talking about.

So why am I talking about a ‘stupid game’ on a blog that’s supposed to be targeted towards small businesses? It’s because GTA has mastered the fine art of product execution. Rockstar and Take Two enterprises have created what is the perfect game series that has exceeded expectations time and time again.

But why is GTA so popular? Why have I had the urge to share a video game with my friends when I hardly take an interest in games anyway? It’s because GTA V is amazing.

As Paul Potenzone quotes on this Fast Company article.

“GTA V is massive. It is a giant playground with a virtually infinite number of activities all wrapped around a world-class narrative. It features three protagonists that you can switch between at any time, and a story set in a reimagined Los Angeles. It has raised the bar for every video game (and entertainment property for that matter) moving forward. GTA V is one of the most thoughtful creative endeavors ever”

One of the 100's of satirical advertisements across GTA's platform

Focusing on the intricate details: One of the 100’s of satirical advertisements across GTA’s platform

Rockstar have made sure that there’s absolutely no room for any other developer to make a better experience than they’ve created. They’ve done this by focusing on the smallest, intricate details that get people talking like mad. As a result, the video game has sold over 1 billion dollars in less than three days, making it of the biggest entertainment launches ever.

Startups like Hipmunk have made products like flight search worth sharing. Desk.com makes a startups life easier by letting you see all your customers interactions in one place. Dollar Shave Club was a massive hit with the guys who couldn’t be bothered buying razors all the time (most of us). Explainer videos are worth sharing.

You probably don’t have the resources to develop a product to the scale of GTA, but you do have the variables of time and feedback at your power. Next time you’re pondering whether or not you’ll get enough traction for your startup, ask ten people you respect if they would share your product?

If they don’t love it, you need a new/better product. If they do love it, you win. It’s that simple.

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