Protecting Your Small Business Premises

Is your small business located in an area that may be prone to break ins? Have you had a break-in in the past? It may be time to upgrade the security of your doors. Industrial doors refer to doors or shutters used in a commercial or industrial setting.  There are various types of industrial doors, each built differently with different materials.  Small business securityDepending on the type of door you choose, the benefits of using such doors can include increased safety and security, protection from vandalism and noise, environmental control and reduced energy bills due to protection from heat loss.

What are some of your options with industrial doors?

Steel hinged doors

Steel hinged doors present a robust and cost effective industrial door solution.  They come in a range of sizes and specifications and can be installed internally or externally.  Because the actual doors need to be fitted onto a frame, the door frame reduces the entrance by a small amount.  Apart from improved security, steel hinged doors can be fire resistant, provide noise insulation, thermal insulation and even a good seal for clean room environments.  They are also durable and easy to use.  Aesthetically, you can coordinate your steel hinged door to complement the décor of your premises, as they can be painted and coated with a diverse range of colours and finishes.  Steel hinged doors can be primed against corrosion for long lasting use.

Roller shutter doors

Unlike steel hinged doors, roller shutter doors are operated vertically.  They are incredibly hard wearing and are fantastic for covering large entrances.  They tend to be used in warehouses, business units, shop fronts, car parks, commercial offices, shopping centres and even schools.  In terms of their operation, roller shutter doors are easy to operate, and can be activated manually or electronically, through either the use of a remote control, motion sensor, induction loop or photocell.

Roller shutter doors can be powder coated to the desired colour finish.  Depending on the type of shutters you use, you can choose window options to allow people to see through the door or completely conceal the interior of your premises from public view.

Sectional overhead doors

These also operate vertically, and are great because they can function in limited spaces as the doors slide up rather than swing open, therefore requiring less space to operate.  Sectional overhead doors also come in a variety of finishes, colours and window options, as well as manual or automatic operation.  They are great for garages, transport and loading docks, logistic centres, car parks, showrooms and workshops.  In addition to increased safety and security, this type of doors also provides good thermal insulation, so they are perfect for industries where environmental control is key.

Industrial doors are a real asset to your property.  Not only will they make it extremely difficult to actually break into your business premises, their mere presence serves to deter crime by sending the message to would be criminals that your property is no easy target!  Choose the right type of door for your property and gain the peace of mind that your business is safe all hours of the day. It is also important to note that it is now a legal requirement for all industrial doors to be regularly checked and maintained to ensure they comply with standards throughout their use.

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