Questions to ask when choosing an IT Support Company

Choosing the right IT support company is important regardless of how big or small your business is.

Technical Support Explained

The right IT support provider is a company that understands the needs of your business and how to meet them. There are a multitude of IT companies to choose from which can make the selection process rather daunting, it is therefore vital that you ask them the right questions before signing any lengthy support contracts.

Will I get a dedicated account manager?

It’s hugely beneficial to build a long term relationship with your IT support company. A dedicated account manager will get to know your business objectives and will be able to ensure that your needs are met. It’s worth asking the support company if you can deal with one or two permanent contacts.

What services are included in your support contracts?

An IT support company that answers with “we cover everything” is not the type of company you want to work with. It’s beneficial to understand your business needs before choosing a support company; you can then ask them if they offer the services you need.

What isn’t included in your support contracts?

There will be a number of services not included in the support contract, but it’s important that you know about any additional charges. For example, if you experience technical problems with your server and it needs replacing, will its replacement be covered by the contract, or will this be an additional cost?

What are your average response times?

When you are looking for an IT support company you should expect a reasonable response time. However, this will vary depending on the level of support that you pay for. It’s worth remembering that a ‘guaranteed response time’ only guarantees that the company won’t ignore you and will begin finding a solution to your problem. Not all problems can be resolved quickly, so be wary of any support companies guaranteeing to resolve your problems within a certain period of time.

Can you provide me with references to speak to?

There is no greater measure of a support company’s ability to deliver than a referral, so it’s definitely worth asking for a few references. You don’t have to contact them, but if they can provide you with a few references to choose from it will instantly fill you with confidence.

How large is your company and how would growth change it?

No IT provider is the perfect size for all businesses, so It is important to consider the size of the IT support company that you want to work with. Do they have enough staff and the right levels of expertise to meet the needs of your business? For example, a one man band or small operation may not have the resources to fully support your business.

Do you have a support desk/ticketing system?

It is important that the provider has a support desk as this will allow you to log calls 24/7 and provide you with a direct number for the technicians. A ticketing system will allow you to send support requests and also track the progress of unresolved support issues; this is great if the support company do not operate outside normal business hours.

What aspects of IT does your technical expertise cover?

Expertise plays a key role in the field of IT. There are a number of problems that may arise that would necessitate calling an IT specialist who can quickly identify the most complicated of problems and provide efficient solutions that ensure the technical side of your businesses is running smoothly. Think of a number of scenarios and ask the IT support company how they would respond in those situations.

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