A Recipe for Success – What Goes Into Quality Email Marketing?

Most business owners know that email marketing is one of the leading forms of online promotion and for the most part that’s true. With higher conversion, more chances to make a sale and a better guarantee of being read than any other form of marketing, newsletters and promotional emails can be a great success if done right. Unfortunately, if done the wrong way, your promotional email is little better than spam. If you’re looking for tips on how to do things correctly, consider the following advice for your newsletter.

What Goes Into Quality Email Marketing?

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Content & Style  

First thing first, you want to show your reader that you are interesting to read, qualified to write about your topic, and worth the read. You want to start out with a strong lead that attracts attention within the first two sentences in order to tell your reader why they should keep reading. If you’re trying to sell things, tell people why they should buy it and not just that you have it. Overly promotional newsletters are often quickly spammed or trashed unless they offer something valuable as well.

Quality Information 

One of the worst things you can do for your newsletter is to mail out false information. As a general rule of thumb, you should fact check at least twice before mailing something out. Any quotes, dates, phone numbers, or addresses should be double checked against your source and at least one other source in order to verify that they are in fact correct. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having some of your subscribers call you out on something, or sending your subscribers to the wrong affiliate link for a 1 day sale.


Unless you happen to be selling rocket fuel then chances are your subscribers aren’t rocket scientists. Make it easy for them to read and understand your content. This means using good spelling and grammar, avoiding little-known or regional terms, and sticking to an easy to read writing style. Most of the time you should aim to write as simply as possible. You can use Microsoft Word to see what your reading grade level is before you post your newsletter. A study by the University of Utah Health and Sciences Center showed that one in five adults has a reading level at the 5th grade level or lower, while the average is at the 8th grade level. This equates into a Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease score of 50-70.

Storytelling or Humour 

One thing that no newsletter can do without is an interest factor and if you cannot find another way to add in interest, then adding in stories and humour can be a great way to garner it. You do have to be careful to write towards your audience and you should remember that a lot of humour does not carry over well into text but you can insert fun catch phrases and obvious jokes relating to your products or services as applicable.


No matter what you are selling and no matter what you are doing make sure that every newsletter you send out is relevant. It does not matter if you decide to raise money for cancer and think that your newsletter is a great way to promote this, unless your audience has specifically said that they are willing to receive this type of material, then you are actually breaching their privacy by sending something else. Consider that you can lose subscribers if you email them about something other than what they asked to see.


Last but not least, your subscribers most likely want to see a professional newsletter. That means keeping your writing family friendly, not insulting anyone, using spellcheck and proofreading your content, and ensuring that all of your facts are correct. Using a professional newsletter service or program like SocketLabs.com can also help because formatting and style make your emails look more professional. Remember that attitude, punctuality, grammar, wording and content all make up your professional appearance and you want to maintain it through every email.

Most people have no real idea how to market their products through email and the truth is that email marketing is a far cry from writing a letter to your high school friends. If you’re not a great writer and don’t really know what you’re doing then your emailing efforts might actually hurt your ability to sell. In this case, your best bet is to try hiring an expert to see if they can offer enough return on investment to make you a profit. If not, email marketing might not be for you.

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