The Role of Facility Management in Office Relocation

If you are planning to relocate your office, the process can give you several sleepless nights.  However, with an efficient facility management (FM) service, you can find a sense of relief. Relocation requires a lot of coordination, research and communication with the office movers and staff. The facility management team, with their simple solution, leave you stress-free about your office relocation.

Objective of facility management in office relocation:

The moving management service team is usually made of a group of office moving experts who can organize everything for you right from cost comparison and building appraisals to staff surveys and scheduling. Their primary goal is to help you move your office with minimal disruption to your business. However, the entire operation requires specialized knowledge and equipment to coordinate your needs, expectations and project schedule with all of the groups facilitating the move. They are also responsible for sharing relevant move coordination information with the staff of the department. Depending on the complexity and size of the move, the coordinator works with the voice/data orders for your group.

Responsibility of facility management in office relocation:

Office space:

As flexible office space is increasingly important to accommodate the changing needs of the business. FM’s look into the use of partitioning system to create dedicated areas of workers. The addition and removal of these systems require careful planning and observation. One of the key elements is to check that the floor to ceiling height is the same throughout the space as not all systems have the flexibility to fit in.

Objects to be moved:

With the help of the IT support they will manage the move of all the electronic equipment such as the computers, copy machines, telephones and much more to add. The furniture is unloaded before being moved with labels with the room number where it will be located. They need a diagram or floor plan of the new office that can show the proper placement of furniture.

They also take care of special office or lab equipment. If this equipment has special service connections such as compressed air, water or gas those are disconnected prior to the move. The entire moving schedule is affected by access to the service elevator building completion, access to the loading dock and the ability to disconnect and reconnects back the equipment as required.

Building issues:

The facility manager determines the need for exterior and interior signage. Moving into a new building requires new signage. If new signage is planned as a part of the project then they require a list of personnel and specific rooms that need individual signage.

The building access and keys are also coordinated as per the exterior and interior keying requirements are concerned.  Card access systems are usually used to control exterior door security. However, if you need an interior card access system you can discuss it with the facility manager.


FM’s also helps with the information of the availability of reserved and visitor parking. Parking availability varies greatly from one area of the campus to another. However, there can be a few occasions where you can face difficulties meeting your requirement. A facility manager helps you to overcome such difficulties quite swiftly.

For example, a common issue in most parking lots is the lighting. Bad lighting can cause many issue from high energy consumption to low quality illumination. This is why it is up to the facilities manager to work on improving the parking lot system to ensure the most optimal system is in place.

Additional help:

After the move, your office may need a few modifications which are managed by the facility manager. Compile a list of all the requests and hand it over to the FM. However, allow a couple of weeks for a settle-in period before you request for further modifications especially if it had been a large and complex move.

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