How To Run An Unsuccesful Mobile Email Marketing Campaign

Have you ever wondered why so many mobile email marketing campaigns fail?  Business owners are starting to realize the importance of optimizing your emails for mobile.  This is extremely important as statistics from Reachmail show that over 40% of emails are opened on a mobile device.  If business owners are not optimizing their email marketing campaigns for mobile, they are losing out on a great deal of conversion opportunities which wastes marketing dollars for the business.  Nobody wants that. Even if you try and optimize your emails for mobile, without a coordinated mobile strategy, your business stands to lose on its mobile email marketing campaign. Reachmail has put together a list of 7 ways to ensure that your mobile marketing campaign is unsuccessful.  This information can be seen in the infographic below:

I’ve highlighted some of the important takeaways from this infographic.

  • The lack of an integrated strategy will surely doom your mobile email marketing campaign. Email optimization for mobile is extremely important for any mobile optimization strategy, but if your site isn’t optimized, your email conversions won’t be of much help. You need to create an integrated strategy as soon as possible.
  • 75% of mobile users in the U.S. use their phones for sending and receiving emails. 40.1% of all email marketing campaigns are opened on mobile devices. 4 in 5 users will move on to another website if it is not mobile friendly. Only 3.3% of users will view an individual email on more than one device.  This shows you only have one shot with most customers and if your website and campaign aren’t optimized for mobile, you have little to no chance on converting these customers.
  • Optimize for the standard smart phone width of 360-480 pixels. Consumers don’t like to read tiny text so avoid that at all costs. 70% of users will immediately delete an email if it doesn’t display properly on their mobile device. This shows how important the first impression is.
  • If you won’t your campaign to fail, pay no attention to when your emails are sent. 23.6% of all emails are opened within an hour of sending. Target times when mobile engagement is at it’s peak.  This will help boost revenue.  Target peak times for mobile engagement which fall between normal lunch hours of 10am-Noon and also directly after work 4-6pm.
  • Be sure to focus on more than just one mobile platform.  iPhones may have a large demographic of users, but you don’t want to neglect potential customers that are on different mobile platforms. Optimize for every device by keeping subject lines and body copy short and to the point. Double check text-only versions for readability and optimize readability for every width.
  • Hiding your call of action is the easiest way to lose conversions. Placing a small call of action out of sight for your users will ensure your campaign is doomed to fail. Place your call of action an easy to see place where your users won’t have to scroll far to find it.
About Matthew Zajechowski

Matthew Zajechowski is an outreach manager for Digital Third Coast.