The Secret World of Background Checks [Infographic]

Contrary to popular belief, 73% of all U.S. companies including small businesses perform background checks on all candidates, not just those applying for upper management positions. There are numerous reasons why a person may run a background check on another individual. Employers perform background checks on potential employees, property managers run background checks on incoming tenants, parents run background checks on nannies, and some people even run background checks on the people they date! There are a number of small business benefits associated with performing background checks. Background checks can help confirm a person’s qualifications, solidify their character, verify their educational background, alert an employer about potential issues relating to criminal history, credit history, and legal working status. In the following infographic, we’ll outline the typical process of a background check. In addition, we’ll illustrate how to find the right provider once you’ve decided you want to run a background check, go through a list of the most common infractions found when running a background check, and shed light on the “the dark side” of background checks.

Click image to see a larger versionThe Secret World of Background Checks via North American Investigations

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