Selecting the Best Job Candidate

Conducting a job interview is a very responsible and important process. You are supposed to be prepared for every possible situation and think of a lot of tricky questions, which have to be considered in advance. It is a well known fact that these interviews are very stressful for people, who apply for the job. But the truth is that employers are far more busy. Their job is very responsible, since they will have to select among a variety of candidates. Selecting the Best Job CandidateSo, if you are a bit concerned about making the right choice, sit down and dig in! We offer you some useful advice about how to pick up you next employee.

The first and the most important step is to prepare yourself for the interview

In order to get all the information you need, you will have to make a list of questions, beginning with ‘How…?’; ‘When…?’ etc. Such type of questions require open answers and you will be able to receive some more specific information. Also, you will have to take into account the fact that most people have no experience in going on such interviews. Many of them are unemployed and nervous. So, at the beginning of the conversation you will have to ‘break the ice’ by asking some random question, like ‘Did you manage to find the room easily?’ or ‘Would you like a cup of water?’. This is the perfect way to make your potential employees feel comfortable and show yourself as the ‘good boss’.Selecting the Best Job Candidate

Experienced and serious candidates usually ask serious questions.

You can recognize the most appropriate candidate only by the questions he/she asks during the interview. Remember, that in front of you will stand a person, who will also have some doubts and concerns. You will have to be prepared for some potential questions. If in the middle if the interview they ask you something like ‘What am I expected to achieve during the first two-three months’ you can definitely take this as an indication that this particular candidate is looking forward to both working for you and developing. Such ambitious candidates are perhaps the best choice, especially if you run a big and successful company. In most cases they turn out to be very loyal. So, in order to select the best candidate, you will have to pay attention on people’s questions.


When selecting the perfect candidate for some job, you will have no more than 30 minutes to get familiar with each person’s abilities. In this train of thought, you will have to depend on your own judging skills. The most important characteristics, that you will have to pay attention on, are actually only two types – personal and technical. The second type is pretty clear, since almost every person includes these skills in their resume. It’s a matter of a personal assessment whether a certain candidate finds the job suitable, or not. Competencies in employeesThe second type of skills, that you will have to assess, is a bit more complicated. Personal characteristics, as a whole, include team working, loyalty, honesty. It is very difficult to find a person, who will match perfectly with the rest of your employees. But if you arrange your priorities properly, you can make a pretty good choice.

Whether you’re looking for a professional, who prefers to work alone; or you want to hire a person, who can fit with the team and improve the whole working process; it’s all up to you and the sort of the job you offer. Just remember, that when you ask someone ‘Do you think you’re a loyal person?’ it is almost impossible to get a ‘No’ for an answer. So, think of some tricky questions, which may help you get acquainted with your candidates without requiring a direct answers, which in most cases get you into pretty uncomfortable situations.

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