Serviced Offices: Saving Your Initial Office Investment

serviced officesOne of the biggest costs of starting your own business is setting up your own office. Start-ups or small businesses may find this as a huge capital expenditure. So as a business owner, you’ll have to spend money on capital assets that you will purchase, sustain, upgrade and even refurbish. These may include facilities, services and other supplies that may not be fully used and maximized while at the workplace. But there can be a cost-effective approach – using flexible work spaces known as serviced offices.

What are Serviced Offices?

Serviced offices are completely furnished and staffed spaces. There’s the usual need to spend when procuring or leasing office space, and with spending for furnishings and office apparatus. But if you were to avail of a serviced workplace, then you’ll no longer need to spend on a capital investment. With this arrangement, you’ll get the opportunity to use both your time and resources well, while cutting down on monetary risks acquired from the usual rental dues.

Regardless of the current standing of the economy, taking advantage of such workstations in various business centers can help provide an accommodating setting, whilst sharing it with other firms. On top of that, most serviced offices are already fitted out with ‘hot-desks or fixed desks’ along with other business solutions that provide clerical support, mail receipt and forwarding, and even call handling (amongst other services).

Serviced offices that will help you fulfill your terms and budget

There are plenty of business centers that offer serviced offices all over the world. Although each location (within the city or outside town) and size may still vary in price, the expense of availing such a workplace is still a fraction of the cost when acquiring your own. It’s a ‘pay as you go’ system that will certainly help reduce your overhead expense. Unlike the usual rental agreements that may confine you to months or years worth of payments, serviced offices may limit you to as short as 3 months. The flexibility in these terms will allow you the freedom to increase or decrease the size of your office.

Other than the standard clerical and support services, most part time offices already offer utilities, business rates, cleaning services, maintenance and security. You also get to save on furnishings since serviced offices generally come equipped with the usual phone line, copier, fax, printer, and Internet connection. You can also use available conference and/or boardrooms whenever you need one.

Most serviced day offices also provide a receptionist as part of your package, which helps cut back on the usual need for additional people to man your office on a daily basis. Again, this reduces your overhead cost, since a receptionist can already help take on tasks concerning call forwarding and handling and greeting guests.

Serviced part time offices greatly aid in keeping your cash flow under control because you already know the costs that you’ll generate every month. So availing one will help your business to be more cost-effective in the long run.

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