Sex and Sales

Sex and sales are believed to have a lot of things in common. In both cases the first impression is what determines the end result. After all, no matter whether you want to impress a girl or you are trying to sell a product, it all comes down to proper communication and the laws of attraction. Otherwise all your efforts will be in vain.


Sex sells

Although we have already started talking about sex and sales, we must consider the fact that the person in front of us must be on board. You cannot simply force someone to buy your products if the product lacks the traits they desire. A person either needs a certain product, or he doesn’t.

The first ‘business kiss’

The first kiss is like the first sale. It doesn’t have to be your best shot, but it definitely has to be special. If you manage to do this first sale right, it has the potential to grow into a long and prosperous business relationship.


Conversation is very important, in both business and personal relationships. You will have to ask questions in order to get to know your customer. Don’t rush people into buying your products. Be patient and always listen to their answers. After all, you will never know what to offer if you don’t know people’s needs. This rule applies to both situations.


When it comes to women, men usually trust their eyes. The same goes for buying – customers want to see the things they’re interested in. When you offer something, make it noticeable; make it attractive and desirable.


In both sex and sales, there is a virtual option. The situation with the second one is a bit different, because websites that sell have much more advantages than the other ones. But how are you supposed to buy something when you’re not allowed to touch it?

Sex sells

The thrill in selling has a lot in common with the excitement of an unexpected flirt. In spite of all these things, it is a well known fact that sex sells! Human emotions control our desires, and in most cases, even our lives. The most powerful human emotion is our sex drive, which cannot compare to any of the other natural stimuli. If you manage to understand that you are able to affect the people around you only by a single handshake, you will realize the importance of your natural sex appeal.

But what we’re trying to tell you is that sex appeal can turn out to be your secret business weapon. Body language, nice appearance, instillation of thoughts by seductive eye contact and even the timbre of your voice. These things are very useful in making deals as well as long-lasting business partnerships. Some of them are indications that you’re a reliable and responsible person. Others help you earn your customer’s trust, because as we’ve already said; satisfaction is our final goal.

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Morgan Johnes is big fan of business and marketing tips. He currently works as business assistant at a company offering mobile options trading.