Should Service Based Small Businesses Invest in Tougher Tech?

The world of rugged computing systems is an unfamiliar one for many small to medium enterprises but there are many benefits that can be gained in business if you choose to toughen up your tech. Should Service Based Small Businesses Invest in Tougher Tech?For service based businesses that have a number of operatives in the utilities field, as seen across the oil, gas and power sectors, it helps to provide workers on the ground with the tools they need to do their job and stay connected even in the harshest industrial and commercial environments.

Standard Equipment Use in the Field

So why isn’t standard equipment doing the job? Standard mobile devices are only meant for personal use and are not designed to be utilised by industrial and commercial sectors in conditions that may be exposed to extreme temperatures, vibration, drops, shocks and spills.

The use of semi and fully rugged devices however ensures that laptops, handheld devices, mobile workstations and tablets are durable and resistant to dropping, heat, dust, liquid and static electricity. In fact, some field workers opt to update their notes and paperwork on return to the office or their vehicle instead of risk taking dainty gadgets away from the safety of a cool, waterproof environment.

The Effect of Technology Use on Workflow

For businesses looking to enhance workflow and accuracy, rugged devices should be considered to limit the number of times field workers return to the office or their vehicles to make notes, notes that they may have had to recall from memory. The use of rugged mobile devices such as industrial portable workstations will not only allow operatives to make notes in the field, whatever the weather, but do so without the danger of damaging expensive equipment.

For field workers in particular, ruggedized technology offers the flexibility in regards to input and output capabilities even in the face of extreme temperatures, shock, dust and heightened vibration, meaning nothing stands in the way of the job at hand. The use of rugged tech is also a great business choice for construction management firms who require its workers and subcontractors to update safety logs and other documentation on a daily basis.

Whether working on construction sites or in the field, rugged tablets, handheld devices and laptops can be used to keep your managers informed in real-time with features like back-facing cameras being able to gather live footage. This means business owners like yourself can have their fingers on the pulse of their workforce (at all levels) whichever area they have been contracted to.

What can my Employees Expect from Rugged Computing?

Using the semi and fully rugged systems, field operatives can utilise user-friendly and familiar operating systems like Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 to update their job status, complete paperwork and report timescales accurately even in the most difficult conditions with increased humidity, excessive dust and heightened risk of dropping, vibration and power surges. Despite rugged device interfaces becoming increasingly user-friendly, field operatives can still use these devices and their hi-tech features to access extensive business infrastructures using a serial port, an advanced component that standard tablet devices do not have.

The nature of operating a field-based business means that rugged computing is a necessity for a company that wishes to weather the elements and reap the financial rewards that come with an efficient and accurately run industrial, commercial or military application.

About Jade Moodie

Jade Moodie works for Rugged Systems by Steatite, a specialist company that develops, manufactures and supplies rugged computing systems such as portable workstations, handheld devices, laptops and Android tablets.