Small Business Branding: Do You Need an Agency?

Businesses  today believe in a brand-driven culture. This results in a long time customer commitment, better retailer-consumer relationships, and greater customer satisfaction. A brand identity is the personal façade of a company, representing the company’s goals and philosophies to its clients. This is transmitted via the brand name, logo, style and visuals. Small business brandingIn the cut-throat competition of today’s market, it is important for any small business to create brand identity to ensure a better return of investment.

A brand is a distinguishing name and/or symbol, such as a logo, trademark, title or package design, which individually or collectively identifies a product or service along with its seller or service provider. This is also important in protecting a company’s product from identical ones or look-alikes, which is important for maintaining the quality and the trustworthiness from the perspective of the customers. Creating brand identity is vital for new small businesses, where the responsibility is generally carried out by a marketing team. Even an already-established business might want to expand their brand identity for better penetration in the market.

Nevertheless, creating a brand identity is not everyone’s cup of tea, since it requires in-depth knowledge and expertise to make a company and its products or services standout in the crowd. Creating a brand identity includes logo design, architecture, typography of brand name, website development, brochure creation and utilising media, internet or social platforms for advertising. All these require a varied range of skill sets from different groups of professionals along with comprehensive study, skillful tactics, proficient methodology, and vast experience in relevant fields.

Therefore, to create a high-impact brand-identity, it is wise to engage an experienced creative agency. Following are some approaches adopted by creative agencies for effectively designing and developing successful brand identity:

Client survey:

An expert from the creative agency meets the client to understand the specific requirements and business view of the company. This is crucial in terms of representing the proper image of the company to the rest of the world.

Target audience:

The next important step is to understand the niche audience for promoting the brand identity. An experienced creative designer is able to identify the targeted customer group to obtain the maximum impact of the brand.

Marketing strategy:

After critically checking the company’s profile and consumer niche, the creative agency adopts certain marketing strategies to improvise the brand name. They use the company’s existing marketing strategy as the building block to add a supplementary proposition for developing a suitable brand identity.

Research and development:

This is critical for embracing new techniques to advertise and promote a brand name. Research is conducted to obtain new ideas, approaches and objectives to hit the target audience with a new brand identity.

Final creation of brand identity:

After completion of research, a mind mapping session is undertaken to plan the initial layouts. Once the initial design is approved by the client, expert designers develop the  logo, websites, brochures, ad-campaigns, billboard-ads or infographics.

Brand identity serves the purpose of broadcasting a strong message to consumers, which helps in developing a summary opinion about the company, product or service in the marketplace. Since the perception of the customers is the main concern for every brand, brand identity should be developed by creative agency professionals to build a memorable and positive customer experience. Only creative agency experts are able to design brand identity in a cohesive and practical manner to deliver real brand values that resonate perfectly with the audience.

Summary: A quality brand identity is essential for building a professional image and increasing a company’s marketing profile. An expert creative agency is ideal for designing brand identity to meaningfully connect with consumers.

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