How a Small Business Can Start a Productive Blog in 2017

Blogging is awesome for any small business.

You get to showcase your skills to the world in a simple and structured way. A blog can make you famous. It can give you a voice that will help you become an authority in your industry. Do you want to get all these benefits and more, small business bloggingthen you need to start a blog that is insanely productive. One that people follow religiously.

Starting a productive blog is not just about registering a domain name, getting a wonderful hosting package then installing WordPress. Nowadays, anyone can do that in few minutes. It’s what you do after the set up that matters. So, go ahead and get your blog up, then follow the tips below to ensure it’s productive.

Monetize Properly

A productive blog makes money. There’s no longer need to just create a blog for fun; nowadays we have social media for that. Before you do anything on your blog, you should create a proper and sustainable monetization strategy. Below are some pointers for that:

  • Get a profitable niche: Yes, profitable niches have lots of content all over. Don’t let that worry you. People flock where there is money. You just need to ensure your content is better than the rest and has a unique twist. Note that there’s just too much bad advice out there. Make a difference with your blog.
  • Consider creating your own products: Product creation is huge. It can be an eBook, software, an e-course, a service, etc. Do proper market research and come up with something that solves the problems of your audience.
  • Do some affiliate marketing: When you become an authority, people will want to know what you recommend about everything. They’ll want to know who hosts you, where you bought your domain name, which book you’re reading, where you eat, etc. depending on your niche. If you use products that have an affiliate platform, consider doing affiliate marketing so that you earn a commission when people buy the stuff you recommend.

There are many other monetization methods. As you do your preliminary research, take advantage on what works for your niche.

Post Legendary Content

You should have a great effect on people. Think about that time when you were so busy, but you came across this long blog post that you thought you’d just skim through. However, the content was so intriguing and compelling that you ended up reading it all, twice. Every comment, every word, everything in the post seemed so interesting and relevant to you.

That’s how you should craft your content. Make sure it’s very relevant and useful to your audience. The heading should be so catchy, juicy and irresistible. The content should have great flow and actionable tips. The whole presentation should be such a great work of art. It’s great to have a mix of text, videos, images, slideshows, etc. in your posts to make it easier to read.

Leverage on Social Media

People spend unbelievable amounts of time on social media every day. It’s their way of having fun and getting the latest updates on what’s happening in the world. You can be sure that your audience is also right there, hungry for sensational updates.

Compelling content is very shareable. In fact, if you do it well, viral marketing can get you droves of traffic, even on a brand new blog. Find out which social media sites and groups your audience hangs out on. Get to know what they are yearning for the most. Give it to them. If they love it, they’ll share it too.

Make use of the many dazzling tools that can help you increase your reach and posting consistency e.g. Buffer and SocialPilot.

Do Email Marketing

Emails. People love them. People now have all these apps to make sure they get notified immediately once an email comes in. They use email to get updates on their products and subscriptions. Others use email to catch up with friends and family.

Take advantage of the power of email marketing. Unlike social media where you’re not sure who will read your posts, emails are so personal, and people usually subscribe to what they want to get updates on. If people consider you an authority and they receive your email, they feel so honored.

Sign up to one of the top email marketing companies and keep sending breathtaking, enriching mails to your subscribers. This will do wonders to your reach and conversions.

Don’t Forget SEO

Don’t ignore this. Proper search engine optimization (SEO) takes time and energy setting up. But it can be very passive. There are many search engines but make sure your site is especially optimized for Google. It frequently changes its algorithms. Therefore always keep in step with the latest SEO methods.

SEO will bring you targeted and relevant traffic. The fact that these people were actually searching for your content means that they will heavily consume it. Search traffic can be huge, and once your blog is popular and well optimized, you can continue getting droves of traffic with little effort.

In conclusion, it feels great to see your blogging efforts bringing in great fruits. If you really want to ensure that your blog is productive, make sure you monetize properly, post legendary content, leverage on social media and optimize it for SEO, especially Google. Stay fresh and relevant. You’ll enjoy the results.


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