6 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Better Website

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Small business shoppers shop online prior to ever contacting you

Small business shoppers shop online prior to ever contacting you

You’ve had this discussion before with your business partner. “Why do we need to spend money on a website?” Or, perhaps it’s “Look, I know our website needs updating, but honestly, we’ve got so many other things to work on right now…..”

And the discussion goes on. But are you making the right decision? True, there are a lot of things that draw the attention of the small business owner. But stop and take a look at your current website.

Your current site isn’t exactly how you’d like the world to perceive you is it?

Think back to when you started your small business. Remember? Back then, you’d have fixed something as important as your website. But, running a small business got the best of you.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way and here’s why.

90% of all purchases begin on the internet

I’d suggest re-reading that statement again. That means that nine out of ten people that you talk to about your business 90% of all purchases begin on the internethave already looked online to begin their purchase decision. This isn’t limited to just consumer purchasing either. This is also business to business shopping. Does your current website best reflect what you’d want purchasers to find prior to contacting you?

Buyers are 54% of the way through the buying cycle before they ever engage with a sales person

That means that by the time you talk to a prospective small business customer, they’ve already been scouring the internet to help in their buying decision. If your website is not up to par, that’s not good.

78% of people trust opinions they read online

Not only do you need a good website, but you need to be watching your social media presence to be sure you know what 78% of people trust online opinionsyour customers are saying about you. Remember, online opinions / reviews can be both good and bad. You don’t want to have good reviews on the internet about your company, and either have no website, or have an outdated one.

In 2013 more people will use mobile phones to get online than PCs

But why should you bother updating your website? After all, you have a website, right? It’s not that bad is it? Well, maybe it’s not, but does your website know how to display itself to a mobile device? Maybe it’s not that your website is all that bad, but if you don’t cater to people who are surfing using their iphones and other smartphones, you are missing the point.

Your website must be good for mobile devices

But why should you really work on this website thing?

Your website is your best employee working 24/7/365. Do you have any employees that work that hard? I didn’t think so. Heck, even you took that lengthy coffee break last week when you told your business partner you were reviewing the tax filing. Your secret is safe with me.

It's about your customers, not about you

But working on our website is hard. I just want to be able to update it myself!

Working on your website doesn’t have to be hard. You may want to switch over to a WordPress website. You’ll find it so much easier to update. That’s why WordPress has become so popular.

Ross Quintana, founder of SocialMagnets, wrote a detailed article, and created a great infographic about why small business owners should own and update their websites.

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