Should Your Next Small Business Sign be LED or Aluminum?

What’s in a business sign? Well, when it comes to the bottom-line, there’s a lot more in your business sign then you’d think!Office sign

For example, a study by FedEx found that 8 in 10 customers entered a store or business for the first time based simply on their favorable impression of its sign. Another study at the University of California discovered 60 percent of businesses that improved their sign (either by enhancing its visibility or replacing it altogether) reported an average 10 percent uptick in customers, sales and profitability. And perhaps the most compelling benefit of all: business signs are very cost effective. The cost has been pegged at about 2 cents per 1,000 views, which is certainly low enough to bring a smile to your accountant’s face (which is quite an accomplishment, since they typically are not the smiling type).

And so, if you are planning on updating or replacing your business sign: good move. You are definitely on the road to ROI, and your only regret will be that you did not do it sooner (which as far as regrets in the business world go, is not so bad).

However, your decision-making skills are still needed, because your next step is choose what kind of business sign you want. While there are plenty of options and virtually limitless creative possibilities, the simplest and best place to start the process is by focusing on the type of material. To help get the ball rolling, below we highlight the benefits of two common signage types: LED signs and aluminum signs.

Advantages of LED Signs

LED signs are an extremely effective way to generate visibility and (if applicable) attract a large audience of customers to your retail or shop floor environment. Because they are so eye-catching, LED signs are also ideal if your business is located near a freeway, or in some other high traffic location (vehicle, train or foot).

In addition, LED signs can be re-programmed quickly and easily based on your changing messaging needs. For example, you can promote sales, products, website URLs, milestones (e.g. “over 100,000 satisfied customers”), and so on.

Advantages of Aluminum Signs

Because they are so flexible and lightweight, aluminum signs are easy to assemble and no special tools are required. They are also a breeze to maintain, and as you may recall from your high school science class (sorry for the scary flashback), aluminum does not rust — so there is no need to purchase paint every few years and don a pair of old overalls. And since aluminum has robust thermal conductivity properties, signs made of this material can withstand both blazing and frigid temperatures – which makes it an ideal choice if your business is located in a part of the country where Old Man Winter and Mother Nature take turns with the meteorological whacking stick.

And of course, aluminum is non-toxic, and when it comes time to send it to the business sign graveyard (which likely will not be for decades since they last for generations), you can rest easy knowing that recycling will only require 5 percent of the energy required to produce the metal. Kermit the Frog was wrong: it is easy to be green, after all!

The Bottom Line

Should you get an LED sign or an aluminum sign? Answering this is beyond the scope of this (or any other) article, since there are many factors to take into consideration including your marketplace, profile, budget, and of course, what your customers want and what your competitors are doing — or not doing. But do not worry. A reputable and experienced business sign company will help you learn more, and guide you to making a smart decision that is right for your business and its successful future.

**Author: C. Weber

I am an entrepreneur with 10 plus years of experience in a variety of industries including finance, marketing and online technology. As an expert in advanced SEO, paid advertising, and inbound marketing I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with others and helping small businesses reach their full potential.

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