Small Business Tips and Tricks: Internal Software for Enhanced Productivity

Whether you have a small business that produces profits in the hundreds or thousands, or millions, productivity and professionalism must reign to keep up appearances. small business ProductivityBoth software and hardware have been used interchangeably to help the salesforce post numbers and improve the company’s bottom line. Certain software apps, such as, are able to bridge gaps in customer service and sales knowledge.

Disconnected World

As technology has risen, so has the emergence of disconnected devices. You might have email, company databases and websites to access as a salesperson. Each area requires a different password, and they certainly don’t connect together in any rational way.

These disconnects take time. You might import and export data between the sites, which can be vulnerable to data mixups or hacking. As the software processes proceed, salespeople lose time that could be otherwise dedicated to customer growth and retention.

Merging Entities Together

You need a salesforce tool that’s designed for integration across several platforms. Consider an app that combines your website, CRM information and email into one access point. There’s no manual sharing of information because data moves seamlessly between the various sections.

Enter a new customer into the database, and their email becomes part of your address book. Contact customers through your email. This correspondence becomes part of the main database for analysis later on.

On the Road

Many salespeople are field workers. They’re constantly running out to customer locations for the next big sale. Remaining productive while mobile used to be a challenge. Apps running on smartphones or tablets are the answer today.

Tap on the screen to access every part of the company’s database without any delays. Customers appreciate the personalized service that would otherwise be impossible without today’s technology.

In-House Productivity

Your salesforce isn’t an isolated island in the sea of your business. Every in-house employee, from service personnel to assistants, are part of the sales team. If a customer calls into the office and speaks to an assistant, that person can immediately pull up the correspondence in the database. There’s no “catching up” because the employee will know exactly what is going on with the customer by reading the database in a few seconds. Productivity continues on during these customer encounters.

At the end of the day, every business must have an integrated appearance to its customers. Try to look at the business from a third party’s view. If any operation seems disjointed, work on a solution. Today’s apps are always adapting to the next level. Businesses continue to boom with the help of software and hardware combined.

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