How do I Find a Small Business Web Design Pro?

small business web designAs online purchasing continues to climb steadily, no business can afford to ignore the power of the Internet. If you want to grab eyeballs, you need a website that ranks high on search engine results – one that attracts and retains visitor attention. Hiring a good web designer can help you achieve this; but, this is easier said than done. For a small business owner who has no idea of what goes into creating a website, it can be a confusing task; here are a few tips on how to find a web designer to take your business to the next level.

How to find a Web Designer for your Small Business Website

A web designer is someone who is an expert at designing and creating websites. This person knows all about the technical as well as visual components of what makes a good website. The Internet itself can help you find a web designer – all you need to do is type into the search box and you will find several names coming up. However, before you use this method, ask around to find out if a a co-worker, business associate, or  close friend knows of someone who is good at designing websites. Such word-of-mouth references ensure you don’t get taken for a ride.

Your designer should be able to offer multiple services

Before thinking of how to find a web designer, prepare a list of all the features you need on your website. Discuss these aspects with potential candidates and have them submit a rough draft. Some of the things you should be assessing are the designer’s ability to write HTML and CSS front end code, write compelling copy, use search engine optimization (SEO) tools, create great graphic design, and use search engine marketing techniques.

Check if the designer uses text that makes for a good read, or is merely a bunch of sentences thrown together to fit in the keywords for SEO purposes. This is important because with the latest updates in search methodology, the quality of content is equally, if not more important, than having relevant keywords.

Ask for their web design portfolio

Rather than focusing only on how to find a small business web designer, think of how to find a professionally competent one by asking to look at their portfolio. This gives you an illustration of the type of work they do; the kind of look and feel they give a website, and their ability to give you a unique design. Check if they use good combinations of images and text; and whether the graphics they use are pleasing to the eye. Pay attention to how fast the webpages load and whether they are compatible with the most popular browsers, and whether the site is easy to navigate.

Ask for case studies and client reviews

Have the web designer show you examples of projects where the client reported a major boost in their online presence with the new website. Whether it is increased sales, greater positive reviews, or testimonials from the visitors on the clients’ websites, there has to be some sort of tangible evidence that instills confidence that this web designer is going to be good for your business.

If you are wondering about how to find a web designer, you probably realize that price is a major factor as is the level of customization a designer offers. While a web design agency may have greater experience, it is quite possible that you find a freelance web designer who gives you a website that has greater stand-out value and has a higher level of expertise.

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