How Small Businesses Are Becoming More Resourceful in Marketing

In a struggling economy where people are spending little and larger corporations dominate the market, small businesses are going under left and right. Every small business owner must embrace the jungle mentality in order to survive by finding more resourceful ways to bring in business.

Small business marketing

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In this day and age, a quality product is must just to set up shop. In order to last and thrive as a business, an establishment has to distinguish itself from its competition in ways that reach potential customers on a deeper level. Here are some ways smaller businesses can reach out to potential customers in their community and establish a loyal customer base:

Host Fundraisers for Local Organizations

If you have a parking lot or enough room in your business building, reach out to local clubs and organizations seeking spaces to meet or host fundraisers. This enables you to expose your brand to exponentially more people and allows you to build good public relations in the community. These fundraisers may not seem like much the first two or three times but if done right and on a fairly consistent basis they do wonders for getting your name through word-of-mouth and positive referral.

Social Media/Website

Any small business that doesn’t have a well-constructed website and social media page these days is in trouble.  Networking online is the most effective and least costly way of spreading the word of all of the latest happenings with your business. Use social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook to connect with popular pages in the community. Connect with the people that do fundraisers with you, connect with non-competition businesses that are doing well, find out who has the largest customer bases and use their already popularity to spread your name.

Branding Useful but Convenient Items

Every customer thought to come to your business for a reason. When they need a service your brand happened to stick out at them. A good way to market your brand is to always ensure your contact information is in a customer’s hands when they need your type of service. You know what types of businesses market themselves the best through key chains; mechanics, tire shops, auto insurance companies. This is because when people run into trouble and require these services they need look no further than their key chain for a potential solution. If you run a food business, make sure there are hundreds of your business pens around the local college because those students are always going to be looking for somewhere convenient to eat. The key is putting your brand in the hand of a potential customer so that they always see your name first when they need a service.

Referral Rewards

Use the customers you already have to obtain new ones with referral programs that reward prizes to those who bring you business. Try to make it something different such as sponsoring an event rather than just handing out discounted services. For example, if you run a pizza business then in the month leading up to the Super Bowl you could hold a competition where the first person to send you 50 new customers will get a certain amount of pizzas, beverages, and other items for a Super Bowl party.

The sad truth for small businesses is that most of the time there is much more well-known corporation nearby that can provide the same products and services as them. It is essential for small business owners to go the extra mile to reach out to potential customers and find the most effective ways to build lasting business relationships with them. The products and services might be available in other places but in, business trust and loyalty are very hard to come by. Ultimately this is what smaller businesses depend on to survive.

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