Small Changes That Make a Big Difference To Your Website

Small Changes That Make a Big Difference To Your Website

There are many ways in which web design can directly impact on SEO and many seemingly insignificant details that can hugely impact on your visitors’ ability to find and use your website. If you want to be successful working online in fact, then a meticulous attention to detail is something that can serve you incredibly well and a highly important trait to develop. Here we will look at one incredibly small change you could make to your site – removing a single JPG – and why it’s such a useful thing to do.

Why You Have too Many JPGs

If you’re trying to turn your site into an efficient money-making machine, then it’s incredibly important that you design it to load quickly and quietly without putting too much strain on your

visitors’ bandwidth. When people use the internet these days, they are almost always in a hurry and almost always impatient to get a quick result so that they can be on their way. We are too used to getting the information/entertainment that we’re looking for at the touch of a button and so we’re unwilling to wait around for a site to load. If your site doesn’t pop up instantly – people will leave before it gets a chance to.

This is even more true when your visitors are browsing on a mobile device, which will have a slower internet connection most of the time and which will be even more frustrating to wait for. As more and more people are using the web on smartphones and tablets, it’s critical to ensure that your website can load quickly and easily on any of those devices.

As such, many people will attempt to rewrite their websites and will spend hours refactoring their JavaScript and PHP code to make it load quicker. They will use Ajax to alter the order their site loads and they will work tirelessly to streamline the entire product to get it to load quickly and fit easily down a narrow bandwidth.

All this work though, that many designers/coders think nothing of putting in, will usually only shave milliseconds at best from your site’s loading times – and certainly no more than would the simple act of removing one single JPG.

Where to Find That Superfluous JPG

Small Changes That Make a Big Difference To Your Website

So if you have a company logo at the bottom of your page, ask yourself whether you couldn’t just use plain text instead. If you have a button you’ve drawn, ask yourself if you could have just created it in CSS, and if you have a smiley in your text, ask yourself if the moderate whimsy is worth the slower load times.

As a general rule, ‘Occam’s Razor’ can be considered a good guide for web design. If something doesn’t need to be there, then it’s normally best to cut it out. Say as much as you can with as little, and make it a habit to search for graphics you don’t need every so often. What you’ll be left with is an elegant and efficient site that loads quicker and that makes more money. All because of one JPG…

Today’s feature writer, Mike, is an internet-marketing consultant at Wisdek, a leading SEO company. He has a lot of passion for his job and tries to learn more and more about internet marketing. He loves staying outdoors and travels to different places whenever he gets the chance.

About Mike Kirichenko

Mike Kirichenkois an internet-marketing consultant at Wisdek, a leading SEO company. Mike is passionate about SEO and is an active participant in internet marketing related events.