Where To Source Articles

Where To Source Articles
Adding fresh content to your website is an important factor in search engine ranking, getting more people to visit your website and attracting advertising links. Visitors will not stay long if the articles on your website are always the same and do not offer a lot of value. Below are several ways to obtain quality articles to post on your website.

Write the Articles Yourself

While many website owners do write their own content, they find that in the long run it takes time away from other tasks they could be performing to increase efficiency and growth. Conducting research and writing is time consuming. The advantage to writing your own articles is that your website content will always be in your own particular voice and style.

Article Directories

Quality articles can be read and copied for use on your website from directories such as Ezine Articles and Articlesbase. The authors who submit the articles to those sites retain the rights to their articles and their byline, or links to their websites or blogs must be included if you publish the article on your website. If you go to one of those directories and choose an article that you like, the requirements for posting will be noted at the bottom of the article. The greatest advantage to using article directories is that the content is free. The time that must be spent locating relevant content that is well written and not overly promotional is a disadvantage.

Purchase Articles from a Content Writing Service

Content writing services specialize in writing content for websites. Skilled writers produce content that is free of spelling and grammatical errors and plagiarism. Once you have placed an order for an article and it has been written, you have the option of accepting, requesting a rewrite or simply rejecting the article if it was not written according to your instructions. Using a writing service is a great way to obtain quality articles with minimal effort. You will own the rights and can use your own byline as the author of the article.

There are many content writing services to choose from including Copify, Textbroker International and Content Customs. These services save you time and ensure that you receive well-written quality content.

Hire a Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters are authors who write articles and other content to your specifications about your chosen subject matter. Once you approve an article, you are free to edit and post it with your byline or no byline at all. The ghostwriter gives up any rights to the finished article content. Websites such as DoNanza, Godot and Elance are some of the sites that ghostwriters use to get jobs. Once an order is placed, you can receive bids from different writers and choose the one that you think best suited to write for you. You can also search through the directories and choose a writer based on their profiles and writing samples. The writer will have the choice of writing your article or rejecting your request.

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