Stand-out Store Fronts: How Modern Businesses Stay Visible

In this digital age, a business with an actual store front is simultaneously sought after and overlooked. For the digital shop owners, a brick and mortar shop is something invaluable, yet without a web presence, that store is virtually invisible to the vast majority of clientele. If you are a business owner of one sort or the other, it’s best to improve your presence in either capacity.How Modern Businesses Stay Visible

Standout Signage

Above all else, if your company will be located on a street, it will need to attract passersby and other local traffic. Standout signage is key to give your shop the recognition it needs to stand out in the mind of the consumer. While ordinary storefront signage is essential, something such as an LED sign can create a dynamic visual to attract potential customers to your storefront. Many electronic signs contain optional modes for multiple text messages, graphics and colorful displays. The vibrant presentation is sure to make your business stand out on any crowded commercial city block.

Get on the Map

For 99% of potential customers, a business is researched at some point on the internet, specifically through Google search. By registering your company with the search engine magnate, you can instantly add credibly to your business, while also allowing patrons to reach your front door more easily. At that point, the battle is half complete, consumer traffic has been established and the product – and sales – can take over from there.

Build a Reputation

Despite the advantages of the digital age, many businesses still get a large amount of their publicity through word of mouth. That means, customer satisfaction and a quality product. If anything, personal referrals are stronger than ever, with the easy dissemination of information across the web and other channels of media. Happy – and unhappy – customers now take to blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms to voice their opinion and share their experiences. It’s up to you and your employees to ensure that what they say is a good thing.

Customer Service

On the heels of the above point, ensuring customer satisfaction should be one of your top priorities as a business owner. How can you ensure customer satisfaction? It’s simple; just listen to your patrons! If they are regularly unhappy with one aspect of your business, it might be time for a change. In some cases, they could even have creative ideas to better your business, their experience and your bottom line all at once. You don’t necessarily have to take everything to heart, but showing your customers that you value their opinion goes an incredibly long way in their eyes.

Mean Business

No, not angry business. Take your company seriously. No business was ever successful with a half-hearted effort. Whether you decide to invest in an LED sign, or create your own branded YouTube channel, do it with the same passion that you would approach anything in life. Your success depends on your business and your business depends on you. Make it happen.

About Tim Raines

Tim Raines is a small business owner with over 25 years in the retail industry. In his free time, Tim enjoys blogging about different marketing and positioning tactics for small business.