Staying Healthy While Running a Small Business

Owning a small business can be one of the most exciting things in your life. Taking it to success is even more thrilling. Unfortunately, getting there means investing a lot of time and energy. For many small business owners – including myself at one point and perhaps you right now – this means falling into an unhealthy diet and work cycle. Unfortunately, studies compiled by the MSN online department of the University of Arizona confirmed that an unhealthy diet is one of the main causes of diabetes.

Pair an unhealthy diet with a lack of sleep and bad habits such as smoking and lack of exercise, and it won’t be long before your pancreas stops producing enough insulin. Even worse, your body may have a lower ability to absorb and utilize insulin altogether. These conditions can certainly be prevented; there is no point in being successful when you sacrificed your health along the way.


Read Understanding Chronic Conditions: Diabetes by for more information.

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