Strategies to Become an Extraordinary Entrepreneur Leader

To build a profitable and successful business you will need to do more than just come up with innovative products and services. The level of competitiveness between companies is extremely elevated, so it’s extremely important to stand above the crowd if you want to make an impression. Business competitionIt’s not impossible either and success can be achieved, providing you have the brains to become an extraordinary leader. Dr. Peter Fuda claims that every business domain needs capable and devoted leaders. Likewise, he identifies in his book seven main leadership themes aimed to help entrepreneurs become great leaders.


Fire symbolizes a fierce ambition that will help you achieve great things. It’s an unstoppable force that will initiate and sustain all your transformation efforts. A determined person will be ready to work harder and do whatever is necessary to obtain great results. All great leaders must be driven by a burning ambition.

Do you have that fire in you to lead other people? Are you a decision-maker? You can’t allow your weaknesses to get the best of you in business, and if you truly want to be a competent entrepreneur leader, you might want to be ready to impress.


The snowball metaphor stands for the sense of accountability. It means that an extraordinary leader should never try to find excuses and blame his team members for his failures. Similarly, the leader will build momentum from the small successes and will slowly turn them into a great and unstoppable business. Admit if you’re wrong, learn from your slip-ups, and be a good teacher for your team. Show them where you did wrong and don’t be afraid to admit that even the best leaders have weak spots

Master Chef

A true leader will never let his team deal with all tasks while he just supervises. Au contraire, he will get involved in the action and will help them all the time. A great leader will artfully implement strategies, develop new tactics and come up with new approaches aimed to help his team become better, stronger, and a lot more skilled. He will use creativity and talent to achieve great things, just like a master chef.


This metaphor does not imply that a business leader must convert himself into a coach for his team. It means that the leader needs to let his team coach him. You always have new things to learn from the people around you:  advisors, your team members and even clients. As a team captain it is your responsibility to encourage other members, respect them and show humility.


Don’t hide your values and aspirations. Most entrepreneurs try to conceal their flaws and imperfections and adopt a different attitude at work. Basically, they become somebody else by putting on an imaginary mask. That’s not what a leader should do, because he may lose appreciation and respect. Plus, it is much more enjoyable to work without a façade.


Leaders ought to improve their self-awareness and enhance their performance constantly. The movie metaphor is inspired from the greatest entrepreneurs, who claim that leadership is like a movie. They say that it can be enriched by disciplined perfection (look at yourself through other people’s eyes), edited for a greater impact and directed by the specialists on your team. Also, think of how often you act from judgment and not from perception.

Russian Dolls

This strategy is all about including your personal journey into your business journey. Business is made of multitude of experiences (just like Russian Dolls when you have to pull out small dolls out of big dolls, and so on) and these should be connected to a leader’s personal agenda. You should find a way to combine these two, without allowing them to interfere too much. Make sure that you preserve a distance between the two journeys and, when necessary, assure that they blend nicely.

Who doesn’t want to be an excellent entrepreneur? In the business world, leading a team and helping a company thrive for success is the ultimate goal. Yet, not everyone can achieve that goal. Experience, hard work, and team managements skills, are all compulsory. Don’t let anyone come in your way, learn how to cooperate with your people, and last but not least, be a human not a despot if you want to achieve greatness.

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