Team Building Across Age Ranges

Getting employees to work together well can be difficult enough as it is, however, it can become even harder when there is a wide age range among those who comprise the team. As long as there is a focused and dedicated leader who can encourage everyone to take part in team building exercises, even the most distant personalities can come together to at least work well during business hours.

Team Building Across Age Ranges

One of the best ways to encourage employees of different ages to be friendlier towards one another and increase morale is to treat them all to an in-office party or team building activity. Making the party during work hours is a great way to give employees a break, and get everyone, regardless of age, something to look forward to. There won’t be any working involved, so the person in charge of this should make sure to schedule it during a slow time. Almost any type of party or event will work, as long as it is in an environment where everyone will be together. It is important not to let people form cliques and stay in them throughout the whole night. While they may have a group of friends that they prefer, get them involved in some games where they are assigned a new partner or a team. By having an event like this every once in awhile, bosses are both raising employee morale by giving them a reward for their work, and building up their team.

Depending on how a business is structured, there may be times when a manager can put younger and older employees together on projects if they have a compatible set of skills. By working closer with employees who are much older or younger than them, the team is almost being forced to coalesce, which can be very beneficial for everyone in the long run. Older employees can teach the younger ones tricks of the trade and younger employees can bring a new and different perspective to the table, broadening how business is done. Naturally, those with organizational leadership experience will rise to the top of the teams and take control, but give everyone a fair chance and make sure not to put too many dominant personalities together.

Preferably, team members will start to bond on their own, without much help from management or their bosses. Though this is sometimes the case with extroverted employees, those who like to keep to themselves may need some easing into being more comfortable around their co-workers. In a business with only 4-5 employees, this probably is not a problem since there is a good chance most people are close already. With companies that employ hundreds of employees, managers will have a hard time getting them all to participate.  The team building exercises will have to be done in smaller groups. Fifty people in an office probably won’t know each other very well, just know of each other. Situations such as these are where the best results from team building exercises can be seen, especially if there is a noticeable age gap among everyone.

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