The Best Cities to Get Work Experience

It’s a long-standing tradition for young people to see the world before settling down, either for further study or commencing their dream job.

The Best Cities to Get Work Experience

This “gap year” is usually taken before or after university, and it used to be more of a casual experience; obtaining a working holiday visa and spending that year working behind a bar or waiting tables while saving a little money and seeing the country, and nearby countries too, particularly if the gap year is taken in Europe. The gap year is still a fantastic learning experience, and yet the casual aspect is evaporating, and more and more young people are using it as a way to actually gain work skills in their chosen career field. After all, a year working in IT in Singapore, Paris or Berlin sure looks great on a resumé– and probably better than a year pulling beers at a London pub. Sometimes the gap year city with its work and leisure opportunities becomes too attractive to leave, and the working holiday visa is extended and extended until the gap year city becomes home. So what are some of the most exciting cities in the world to spend some time and obtain valuable working experience?

London, UK

London used to be a logical choice for many young people, regardless of their profession. It’s a world-class city, and while it’s very much a foreign experience, there’s the alluring fact for Americans, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders that it’s an English speaking country, so there’s no language barrier to overcome. London is less popular than it used to be, due to the soaring costs of living, and yet those beginning a career in medicine and law still flock to the British capital for the sensational job opportunities, and the fact that these careers have a high earning capacity, offsetting the high cost of living here.

Berlin, Germany

Germany is welcoming of young professionals looking to stay for a year or two, and Berlin has particularly open arms. While Germany is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, its capital city is heavily in debt, and so young professionals paying taxes and spending money in the city are always wanted. Germany has a reciprocal working holiday visa arrangement with many countries, but they also have a fairly flexible freelance visa available for foreign nationals. There are a huge number of tech based startups in the city, most notably Soundcloud and The laid-back lifestyle and amazingly cheap cost of living makes Berlin a top choice for working and living.

Republic of Singapore

This tiny Southeast Asian island city-state is a global economic powerhouse, and its wealth is evident from the moment you arrive with dazzling stores and restaurants and clean, perfectly maintained streets. The Singaporean government is ready to do business, and this is an incredibly easy country to set up, or rather start up a business, whether its in a tech related field or otherwise. To see just how easy it can be to get started in Singapore, along with their highly enticing tax laws for new businesses, have a look at these seven reasons why Singapore is a startup hub.

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

There are a few things that spring to mind when thinking of Salt Lake City- the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, the birthplace of the Mormon faith, and more recently, a vast array of Internet startups. Business intelligence software giant Domo started in the city and maintains their global headquarters there. Utah state authorities have made a concentrated effort to improve science and technology opportunities at college, which has allowed startups to thrive, creating opportunities for locals and foreign professionals alike.

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