The importance of organising team building days for your team

If a business is going through a period of transition or uncertainty, managers may notice a bit of static between employees in the office; drops in motivation or productivity could be restricting employee output, contributing to a generally low feeling in the workplace.

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Thankfully, there are a number of ways to build team cohesion and improve the dynamics of your workplace. For instance, a manager looking to repair a fractured team may want to try booking a team building day as these types of events are useful in trying to improve working relationships.

However, it is not just team dynamics that can be improved. Team building days can also deliver a number of personal advantages such as a sense of achievement, leadership skills and problem solving; all of which can be taken back to the workplace for future application.

What type of team building day should I organise?

Team building outings can come in a variety of forms. A line manager may simply invite the team out to lunch on the company credit card for an hour or book a whole day to travel to a venue hosted by a third-party team building specialist. Paintball, paragliding, treasure hunts, cooking competitions, dance classes; the amount of fun team building experiences available are (almost) endless.

However, it is up to the manager to find an activity that is appropriate for everyone in the team. For example, a day of paintball may not be suitable for some of the older members of a team while a motor racing event is not appropriate for team members who are yet to acquire their driving licence.

Improving certain skills

In addition, it is worth thinking about which type of activity would be useful in improving certain skills. If communication skills within a team need work, it is worth choosing an activity that is geared towards problem-solving and communication. Trust exercises could also be appropriate for members of the team that rely on other colleagues in the office. In addition, adaptability exercises are helpful for teams that have been assigned complex tasks.

A team building activity can also be used as a form of employee assessment. These days do not have to be event in which to learn skills; they can also be used as a form of showcase in which employees put their current skills to the test. For example, if a team member is gunning for a senior vacancy, a team building day could be the perfect opportunity to establish themselves as the front-runner for the role.

There may be some employees who remain sceptical of team building days. As a result, it is up to the team leader to sweep these bad attitudes under the carpet and encourage the team to get onto the same page. You never know; employees may even learn a little about themselves during the day!

Overall, team building events are a vital part of workplace culture regardless of the size or type of event organised. If managers are looking to improve the skills of a team or simply inject a bit of fun into the office, booking a team building event could be the perfect solution.

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