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All of us who spend our time in the depths of social media have been told ad infinitum that writing guest posts is the missing magic that will catapult us to stardom and wealth beyond the realms of Taylor Swift. Taylor secretly wants to write a guest post on my site, but I won’t let her. Anyway, there is another way to add significant traffic to your blog that is rarely discussed. Whether you are writing an article that will serve as a guest post or one that is going to be posted directly to your blog, you can use expert quotes in your article to help significantly drive new eyes to your blog.

How does using expert quotes work? 

The idea is so simple, yet so overlooked. When you are crafting your blog article, include a quote from a known expert in the subject area of your article. Once you incorporate expert commentary into your blog article, you’ll find that the expert who is being quoted will promote your post in social media to their own networks.

Everyone, including experts, wants to elevate their level of respect (being further viewed as an expert) in their niche. Once your article is published, they will reach out to their Twitter minions, Facebook likers, their email list, and link to you on their personal  blog. And, if they are separately employed and have enough clout within their own organization, they will convince their employer’s social media team to promote it as well.

How do you get an expert to provide a quote?

This is easier than you may think. But you’ve got to consider your target first, and then do a little work to make the process as seamless as possible.

  • Look for an expert who is reachable
    • It’s easier to reach out to an expert who works for a small software company than it is if you try to reach Seth Godin. Not that he’s impossible to reach. In fact, he calls me so frequently to ask my advice I’ve had to put his mobile number on auto-block so I can get back to my real life. Seth, if you’re reading this, sorry, you’re going to have to come up with your own brilliant ideas from now on.
  • Reach out to the expert and tell them you are writing an article and would like to include an expert quote from them.
    • “Own it”- own it means even if your blog only has two regular readers, one of them being your mom, when you contact the expert you need to be confident and sound more like a journalist than some schlep with no blog readers.

Make it easy for them to provide the quote

  • Instead of asking the expert to write a quote, write the quote for them and ask them to review and approve.
  • Send them your full article with their quote already included
    • The fact that you have pre-written the quote makes it so much easier to get the quote approved. And since you have sent them the full article, they can understand the context of how their quote will be used. What you are trying to avoid is waiting around for them to write a quote and send it back to you.
    • Include links back to their site or blog. That is their payback for providing the quote.

Who are the best experts to target?

  • The best experts to target are authors, press contacts, and those who simply participate in answering questions on LinkedIn or Quora (more on that below).

In order to get an expert quote, what should your article be about?

  • Do a review of an ebook (or pull a quote from an ebook). Reach out to the author directly.
  • Review a software product (or similar). Reach out to the company’s marketing team. Or, look at their press releases area of their website and find the appropriate press contact. Typically, press contacts at companies are very reachable.Example: “Post to multiple social networks quickly using one simple tool 

Where to find an expert:

Why bother adding an expert quote?

  • This elevates the respect level that readers will associate to the article, and thus to you.
  • The expert will promote the article to their social networks, driving new eyeballs to your blog. The effect is similar to having your article posted as a guest blog which will include backlinks to your site which drives great SEO to your site.

If you are interested in a quote from a not-so-humble email marketing expert, let me know.

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