Top Concepts to Create Winning Billboard Ads

Throughout the course of a week, you probably would have laid eyes on numerous billboard adverts. Billboards for small businessMost of the time, you won’t even notice you are doing it but subconsciously you will take in some form of message. This is why, for decades, billboard advertising has been a coveted and well used method for most small businesses.

Doing so also gives the company access to a huge number of eyes and the ability to reach lots of people. If you wish to connect with providers offering billboard advertising in Brisbane, or in your local area, to further the reach of your small business, make sure to take note of the following ideas.


There are many things you need to consider when planning for a billboard. A lot of brands get it wrong and as a result, put too much or too little information to communicate their message. Therefore, what they say gets watered down or easily forgotten about.

Consider these ideas to create some winning billboard adverts that actually work:

  • Choose the right location

Location is everything and if your chosen billboard isn’t in the optimal place, it will be missed. You also need to consider the wider context as some may seem good but will be missing key elements of potential. Ask the following:

  • Does it come with illumination?
  • Can the board be clearly seen to passer-by’s?
  • How does the location connect you with your target audience or prospective customers?
  • Ask yourself, does the advert deliver a need?

Customers will switch off as soon as you start selling them something. However, present the information in such a way that you are delivering what they need and want then you’re onto a winner. Moreover, your ad should help the viewer in some way and clearly communicate a big benefit.

  • Always use minimal words

The more you can express with imagery, the better. People may be driving by quickly and their attention span is super limited with billboards. So, you want to communicate as much as possible with as little as possible. Images can speak so many words so spend time choosing or creating the right one.

If you are going to use words, limit it to six or less. This will force you to omit meaningless information and really craft the most powerful message possible.

  • Whatever your idea, keep it simple!

It can be tempting to overcomplicate billboard adverts. You are in a prime spot and want to say as much as you can and create it in a clever way. Simple works best with most advertising and this is especially the case with billboards. Always aim for the bigger idea and don’t lose focus with needless clutter.

  • Create a reinforcement

Billboards are there mainly to reinforce an advertising message and keep your brand in the forefront of someone’s mind. It’s not advised to do direct response by quoting a number or directing customers to a website. Keep it consistent with your campaign without going overboard and you won’t go wrong.

The above ideas will help you craft a powerful billboard idea that resonates with the audience.

About Seth Ejercito

Seth Ejercito is a content editor at Media Buzzer.