Top Knowledge Management Software to Improve Customer Service

Managing frequently asked questions (FAQs) of customers can be a daunting task, especially if you have a big collection of

information to maintain. But this task is easier done using knowledge management software which you can easily integrate to your website.

Here are our top 10 recommendations:

10. ProProfs

ProProfs is an application that enables businesses to reduce online queues on the FAQ. It can manage your database of information and make them easily accessible to your customers.

By integrating this application to your website, customers can find instant answers to their questions in 90 different languages anytime and anywhere.

Furthermore, it is easy to maintain and update this information with its capability for importing and exporting, multiple files as well as easy editing features.

9. Zendesk

Pinterest, Groupon and Disney are just some of the popular users of Zendesk knowledge management software application.

Instead of answering similar questions over and over again, Zendesk will direct customers to a centralized knowledge base to find the answers they need. It will also update customers by sending announcements, news, press releases, and product updates.

You can sign up to try this application for free.

8. Traction TeamPage

With features for collaboration, integrated action tracking and deep searching, Transaction TeamPage is another good application for managing your site’s FAQs.

This knowledge management application can also connect your website to social networking sites and will also send Twitter-style updates to customers.

7. KB Publisher

If you like to share certain information with your business partners, employees and customers, one good way to do it is through KB Publisher.

This application will reduce your need for maintaining customer support and eliminate the time spent by customers in searching for information.

6. Novo Knowledge Base Software

The Novo Knowledge Base Software is another suitable application if you are looking for software that can serve as your centralized repository of information.

Information can be for customer support, employee training, company intranet, and for other purposes your company deems necessary.

5. Fuze Digital

As a web-based knowledge management application, Fuze Digital can help you with numerous tasks that concern customer care support. It will enable users to provide multichannel-assisted services and self-service support for customers and members of your business.

This program acts as an eSupport for those who are looking for information from your website. It can also be seamlessly integrated in your website. Get a free trial if you like to know more about its features.


PHPKB is an application that allows you to set up a database of information composed of documents and files that can support FAQs, or serve as training materials for customers and staff.

Customers, staff and other members of your company may be able to access the information through the Internet. You could also customize which type of information each group of users may access.

3. Aptean Knova Knowledge Management

Aptean Knova Knowledge Management can give your website a comprehensive portal where customers can ask for help or get the information they need. This portal features easy editing tools and advanced navigation and search systems for easy information access.

Overall, it serves as a one-stop shop where customers, personnel and other members of the company can get information from.

2. Asp.Net Faq Manager

Considered to be an FAQ program, Asp.Net Faq Manager can help businesses in setting up an online archive for all their FAQs.

This application is easy to set up and use. Users can create an unlimited number of FAQ categories and topics. Once already set up, site visitors can easily access the information they are looking for.

1. eGain Service

eGain Service is knowledge management software with comprehensive features for customer service. It already integrates email management as well as live customer service through chat or application sharing.

This application is highly customizable and flexible for your needs. You could ask for a free demo if you like to try this product.

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