Tradies – How Much Real Work Time Do You Have Per Day?

When it all boils down to it, how much production time are you dealing with during a regular work day? Do you really have 8 hour’s worth of production time available at your fingertips? Tradies - How Much Real Work Time Do You Have Per Day?For most people the answer to this question will be a “no”. In fact, surprisingly enough, most workers only end up with 3-4 hours of work time that they can use.
If you’re self-employed and working on your own or only have a couple of employees with you, you’re probably extremely stretched for time. One day just flows into the next where there is a constant demand of your time and not enough hours in the day to give.

There are so many logistics involved

As a tradie you know the intense requirements that come with the job. Not only is there the physical work to do but the estimates, grabbing of supplies, doing the administrative work and handling all the headaches that go along with running a business. When you get right down to it, how much time do you actually have to do the work that you have been actively scrambling to get?

It can really become a situation. All of the work that you’re trying to pull in needs to get done but at the same time you also need to constantly keep your eyes open for more business. If you feel like you’re running around in circles trying to get your tail, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, there’s a whole market of tradie apps that have been designed specifically to help people in the field with their time management problems.

Do you need help?

Approximately 99% of the labourers that are currently reading this are shaking their heads yes. It’s definitely something that most tradies are dealing with on a constant basis. How do you keep up with the logistics of working and running a business at the same time?

It’s tough and is something that not only tradies have to deal with but people in other fields as well. Only the workers and managers that have their time management skills honed to a fine art can honestly say that all of their time spent working during the day has been delegated or used properly.

It all boils down to organization and understanding exactly how much productivity time you actually have. When you confront the hours of the day that you have to get jobs done, you’ll be able to work better within those limits without stretching yourself too short. At the same time, you can work on your organization skills and use some of the tools available in software applications for tradies. As you develop your time management organization you may find that you can extend your productivity hours and spent less time on administrative logistics. Wouldn’t that be a treat?

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