Training for Excellence in Small Business for Female Entrepreneurs

Running your own business is never easy; you may have all the skills required within your particular niche, whether it is marketing, designing, or writing, but there are many other talents which will be required in order to run it successfully.

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You need to be able to manage your accounts effectively, recruit the right people and as the business takes off and you are juggling a range of different tasks the skills you require will continue to grow.

In order to ensure that you develop your skills in line with your business, you can access a range of online training options to improve specific areas you feel that you need extra training on.

The type of training you should be looking at includes:

Business Administration

An online course in business administration is ideal to learn the initial set up of your business as it will teach you the fundamentals. This includes how to write up simpleĀ letters, produce spreadsheets, improve your typing speed, and design your own business documents. You may feel as if you know the basics but there are bound to be aspects you won`t realise until someone asks you and you don`t know where to start, so it is better to be prepared. A course such as Certificate III in Business Administration will teach you all the administration tasks you need to undertake before your business is properly up and running.


No matter what type of business you are running, you will need to be fairly knowledgeable about marketing; otherwise you won`t be able to push your business as far as it can go. Marketing is essential for staying ahead of competitors and analysing the market so that you are aware of what consumers are looking for. An online course such as the Certificate IV in Marketing will teach you how to conduct market research, promote your product or service and keep an eye on the market trends.


As your business starts to grow, you will find that the skill-set you required will start to change in line with this. For instance, one skill you will be required to have is purchasing as you will need to know the finer details of dealing with contracts etc. An online course such as the Certificate IV in Purchasing will teach you about conducting online transactions, establishing networks and working relationships, designing text documents and addressing customer`s needs. There are all things you need to be aware of in order to ensure you are running your business as effectively as possible.

Human Resources

When your business reaches a level where you are starting to hire staff, you will need to have a fair amount of knowledge about human resource procedures. There is the option of hiring someone who has the expertise in this area, but it is also worthwhile knowing as much as you can as well, should it ever be required. It is your business after all and even if you hire staff with particular skill-sets, you should have general knowledge about the day to day running of all aspects of your business. An online course such as the Certificate IV in Human Resources will teach you the fundamentals about recruiting staff, supporting performance processes, reviewing the human resource functions etc. It is important to remember the significance of this knowledge as if you make any mistakes regarding human resources in your business; it could have huge consequences, both legally and financially.

Health and Safety

Hiring staff also comes with the added constraint of knowing about health and safety regulations and ensuring workers are safe in their place of work. An online course such as the Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety will give you knowledge about monitoring a safe workplace, identifying risks and hazards, assisting with compliance and laws. You won`t need to know everything about health and safety but a general oversight into the main functions will help with your business.

Online training courses can provide general information on all of the key functions required for your business. As your business becomes more successful and expands further, there is the option of looking into more in-depth courses which will provide you with additional information on each of the functions. It is hard to know exactly what you will need until your business is fully up and running, but as long as you have the fundamentals such as Business Administration at the beginning, the rest can be picked up as you go along.

About Anita Reid

Anita Reid is a freelance social media manager and small bizz owner from Brisbane, Australia. Recently improved her management skills and completed her business training with Certificate IV in Business.