Why You Should Use Facebook for Business

When Facebook first launched, it was created to enable people to communicate with their social network easily. Originating at a college and then being rolled out worldwide, founder Zuckerberg probably had a good idea that facebook for small businessthere would be plenty of financial opportunities if it succeeded, yet even he couldn’t have dreamt it could have achieved what it has today.

Facebook has grown so big that there are now 1.94 billion active monthly users. It is statistics like these that has led to many businesses utilizing Facebook to generate business leads. When you consider the amount of time that people spend on Facebook, for some they will be on Facebook more than they watch TV, so the best place to catch their attention is through Facebook.

However, it is not as simple as just creating a Facebook page and waiting for people to contact you for your services. It isn’t a business directory, and people don’t tend to use it that way. Most businesses these days will have already caught on to the fact that Facebook is a great marketing opportunity so when people are searching for products or services on Facebook, there will be huge numbers of businesses coming up in the searches for you to compete with.

Therefore, you have to put more effort into generating business through Facebook. Fortunately, there are already a number of great features that Facebook provides that will help you to do this. For a start, you can create videos and embed it onto your business page. If you create a video that is funny, useful or shocking, then this will increase the likelihood of people sharing your video with other users, drawing more interest towards your business. Of course, you have to think about the impact that the content will have on people’s perception of your business before you start uploading videos. Video is the most popular form of content though, and it pays off to spend time developing this type of content.

Another great way to market your business is by holding an event. Maybe an opening night for a restaurant, a Q&A session for customers or a charity event – whatever type of event that would appeal to your target audience and raise interest in your business. With Facebook, it is easy to create an event and send invites to people. You can even find the types of audience that you are looking for through Facebook by searching through interest groups. However, if you’re worried that people won’t turn up to your event, you could always buy attendees for your Facebook event through Social Media Daily. This happens more often than you would think and is a great way to generate interest in your business and have your event rank higher than any competing events taking place that day.

You could even use Facebook Live to stream your event to show people what they are missing out on so that there is more interest in your next event. There certainly are many ways that you can use Facebook to generate more leads for your business so make sure you are making the most of the opportunities this social media platform has to offer.


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