Using Mobile Marketing to Promote Your Service

Marketing is defined as:

The process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service (Merriam-Webster)

Mobile marketing is further defined as:

mobile marketing

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Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through and with any mobile device or network. (Mobile Marketing Association

If we put these two definitions together we get a definition we get:

Mobile marketing is the means by which an organization communicates and engages with its audience using mobile devices or networks to promote, sell or distribute a product or service.

This article will focus on using mobile devices and networks to promote your service.


Emotional Mobile Marketing

New research shows that users’ brains are more engaged on mobile devices than they are with TV. This gives businesses an extra impetus to increase their use of mobile channels for marketing.

Most sales are driven by emotional triggers rather than logical ones. This is well-known, but still under-used in marketing. Your reputation grows when customers and contacts think well of you.

Customers buy from people they know, like and trust. The key emotion to concentrate on is trustworthiness. How can you increase the trust people feel for you and your brand?

Mobile-Ready Website

Before anyone will trust you they need to know and like you. Given that so much website interaction is using mobile devices your website needs to be mobile friendly.

Remember to consider site usability factors, too. Text and color/contrast combinations need to look good on a phone screen in bright sunlight. Colors affect the emotions of men and women differently. Think about your users before deciding on your website theme colors.


Part of getting people to know, like and trust you is to let them see the man or woman behind the business: Have your face on your website, business cards, vehicles and stationery, make your website different by showing your team at work.

Branding can be carried through to the uniforms your employees wear. Try to make them different while still being practical. Your people should be instantly recognizable when they are working away from your premises.

Mobile Accounting

If your team-members are writing out quotes  on scraps of paper, even on headed stationery it gives a poor impression as well as being inefficient when there are mobile-friendly invoicing and quoting solutions available at reasonable cost.

Modern services like that from Due allow your employees to generate quotes from their phones or tablets and email them to customers while they are still with them. Instant email invoices and quotes give customers a much more professional view of your business.


More email is opened on mobile devices than on desktops or laptops so your email must be mobile-friendly. Email sending services like GetResponse mean that every email you send looks good on every device. Email is still a main channel for business to consumer communications so you need to be doing it right: your emails need to look good, you need to be segmenting your customers and you need a great delivery rate.

Social Media

You need to be on social media as well as on email because you need to be there when customers are talking about you. If they are saying good things you can jump in with a special offer and if someone is being critical you can respond with an explanation and an apology.

However monitoring social media channels by constantly searching for mentions would be a full-time (and very boring) job for an employee. There are many social media automation products; two that are popular are Cyfe and Oktopost.

Cyfe gives you a dashboard with customizable widgets. You could use one widget for each major social media channel to track mentions. Cyfe even has a free plan that allows five widgets. You could have Cyfe open and displayed on a large monitor that can be seen by every employee; when your business is mentioned people can discuss the best way to respond and reply within seconds, minimizing any damage and enhancing your professional reputation.

Oktopost gives you a highly sophisticated monitoring capability with multiple streams and 15 – 50 integrated social media accounts, post scheduling, geo-targeting and campaign analytics. This software is perfect for B2B marketing but is useful for everyone who is looking to take control of their social media mentions. Higher-level plans have Marketo and SalesForce integrations to help generate and track leads.


Your employees all have phones and tablets as business essentials. You need to derive the maximum benefit by using every business-relevant application that is available. Quotes, invoicing and time-management stand out as one of the easiest marketing holes to plug.

You need to use every channel available to you in your marketing. You need to be where your potential customers are. Facts prove that people want to be able to find you on social media and to access your website from their phones, so you have to give people what they want.

Your Input

Have you used any of the mobile marketing tools described in this article? Do you have any other favorite engagement techniques? Please share your thoughts using the comment facility below.

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