Restaurant Case Study – Using Social Media for Marketing and Customer Engagement

Unique restaurant ingredientOooh la la Multi-cuisine Restaurant is an organic, multi-cuisine restaurant in West Bengal. From the time it opened its doors with a promise of delicious food, the restaurant has been an agressive user of social media channels to connect with its customers, and grow its footprint. This restaurant strives to be much more than a place to dine. It wants to be a vast social media experience for all its visitors, most of whom are considered the “young and happening” crowd of the city.

Building Customer Relationships

The restaurant was using digital marketing strategies to the maximum extent possible for customer engagement. The benefits of using social media channels for this small business were quite high. Inside the restaurant, a 100-square-foot LED screen streams Facebook fan page updates, Twitter hashtag tweets, restaurant information, and checkins on it’s mobile own app, eOooh la la. eOooh la la is a Web and mobile application that allows registered users to connect with friends and update their location information. Points are awarded for “checking in” at selected restaurants, bars, and other sites. Customers see tweets and status updates, and reply to them or add their own messages with their mobile devices.

Mobile Device Food Ordering

This restaurant has multiple options for placing an order. You can place your order to a restaurant waiter directly, or by using a smartphone while you are located close by, or you can place the order online yourself for free delivery.

Encouraging Customers to Promote the Restaurant via Social

Naturally, the restaurant has its own Facebook page, which it uses for social marketing. Tagging yourself on its Facebook wall makes you eligible to win promotional coupons. The restaurant offered free food to whoever was the first to tweet a picture of themselves in front of the restaurant’s “tag wall” – a wall in the front of the restaurant inviting people to write tweets.

Using Social to Recruit Employees

The restaurant also uses social networks for hiring and promoting its “De-Junk West Bengal” campaign for improving the city. But what makes Oooh la la Multi-cuisine restaurant really stand out is its use of crowdsourcing for both marketing and menu development.

How Social Crowd Sourcing Helps the Restaurant Invent New Dishes

This restaurant has an online tool for customers to invent their own sandwiches and other dishes, and to give their inventions clever names. Every time someone orders an item invented by another customer, the inventor receives a voucher with an in-store credit. Some customers will no doubt use their extensive social networks to promote the burgers they invent. Customers are proud when their dish is selected by the restaurant, and thus those customers will promote their new dish via social channels. Those with thousands of followers on social networks are offered the reward of earning free dishes.

Social Channels Help Beat the Competition

All of these measures create very low-cost incentives for large numbers of customers to actively promote the restaurant. They also generate word-of-mouth “buzz” with minimal expenditure. All it takes is establishing a presence on social networks and rolling out promotions combined with some creativity.

Competing with other nearby restaurants isn’t easy. But by using social networking technology to forge ties with customers and giving those customers a stake in the success of products, Oooh la la Multi-cuisine Restaurant hopes to have the recipe for a successful small business.

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