VOIP and Small Business

If you’re ready to upgrade your office and lower your expenses, you may be in luck in the communications department. VoIP helps small businesses who want a more cost-effective solution. There are numerous advantages to VoIP that could be explored to help your business be more efficient, productive, and prepared for disaster. Here are some of the major benefits that may help you with this process:

VOIP and Small Business

1. Protect Your Business in the Event of Disaster

If you have a problem with your regular land line, your VoIP may work because it’s traveling over a different set of fiber. Most companies can resume business as usual within a few minutes if they have VoIP in place to act as the primary phone unit when the land line is compromised. This may occur due to a power outage, earthquake, fire, or snowstorm. It’s a measure that you want to invest in if you value customer service. It’ll also provide a competitive advantage.

2. Save Money

Did you know that you can call internationally and domestically for a fraction of the cost that a land line cost? It’s true! Many times the rates are 50 percent less than the standard line. This can help companies save money and invest in improving their products or services. Small businesses or start-ups prefer this method when starting out.

The initial investment of the VOIP equipment is greater than a standard line, but the overall monthly savings is greater for the standard system. Companies will invest in the servers initially and save more money long term.

3. Consolidation Benefits

You’ll only have one bill for your Internet and phone service. This reduces the amount of paper work that you’ll have. Many people hate paperwork and organization. One consolidated bill will help you when it’s time to complete paperwork.

4. Easily Scalable

Getting new phones for employees is easy and doesn’t require forecasting with a VoIP system. If your business begins with two users, but you don’t know when you’ll expand, host PBX (private branch exchange) may be a system to consider. These systems may easily scale up to 15 users without major effort.

5. Numerous VoIP Service Options

VoIP service provides users with a number of service plan options. There are numerous providers that can do intensive research and find plans for your business. When you’re ready to make the leap, you’re bound to find a service provider that will meet your budget.

VoIP and Small Business

More companies are recognizing the need for this type of service. You shouldn’t have to invest in a huge infrastructure if you use a service that offers hosted services. Not only will you save money, but you won’t have to plan for the number of employees you’ll be acquiring over the years.

Do some research about VOIP providers and read reviews online. After you know the basics, talk with a professional about the possibilities.

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